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Day 6 and I Kicked Butt on Day 5


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I am really glad that I can come here and leave a note about my previous day. I never journal because either no one reads it or I don't want to share.


Day 5 -  I hosted 11 women for dinner - I made them honey lemon chicken, watermelon, tomato and feta salad, wild rice salad and peach cobbler with ice cream.  Once I stuck my finger in my mouth as habit to taste and spit it out right away and rinsed my mouth out.  Wow how easy it would be to slip up.


I am proud - freaking proud - that I planned everything in advance and rocked right through dinner with my Whole 30 compliant self.  I was prepared and that is really what is the key to success here. Preparation and the belief that what you are doing is for the best. 


Today I received self reward from Amazon - It starts with food, well fed and practical paleo.  I love cookbooks anyway but these are life books.  I am after nom nom paleo next.


No joke - I am not sleeping that well, I am kind of jittery and a wee bit grumpy but I am on it.  I have this huge jug with water and haveing it sitting on the counter is a reminder to drink and a go to for feeling better. I want the while 30 success feeling at the end.


After last night and how strong I felt, I gotta stay focused and on the path.  When I think about how I feel at this moment I remember how much "fun" I had before I got on the program and how my body is just reminding me that there are always consequences to every action.






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Great job staying on track while still socializing! You know, you could totally make a 100% compliant meal next time. It would blow everyone away when they realize that is how you are eating EVERY day. There are a ton of great recipes in Well Fed. Love, love, love it. I downloaded the nom nom paleo app. Love what I've tried so far! Just to clarify-you bought a copy of ISWF by the Hartwigs, correct? Not the rip-off cookbook by the same name? Because that is totally NOT part of the plan or compliant.

Have fun trying new recipes!

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