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Henfrilangy's Whole30 Log


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Henfrilangys Whole30 Log

Start Date: 12 Aug 2012


Date: 12 Aug 2013

Day 1: Had the day off so rushed off to the store to get food for the rest of the week.


B - Egg, Bacon

L - Opppssss...missed so busy prepping/cooking

D - Homemade Sausage Soup (GF Pork Sausage, Organic Chix broth, Celery, Carrots, Onions, Kale, seasonings), Tuna (Homemade Mayo, tuna in olive oil), Carrot/Celery Sticks




Lots of cooking going on today.  It didn't go particularly bad and stuck to the appropriate foods.  I did have 1/2 cup of carrot juice and after looking at the ingredients (Apple juice, lemon juice, carrot juice) it might or might not be inline with the guidelines.  There was no sugar/perservative etc on the label just "insert fruit" juice.  Will limit this item.


As the program timeline goes, "eating this way it's not all that bad" was the main theme.  I know "that" day will come when the sugar brick comes my way and the Z monster also. Til tomorrow....

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Welcome to day 1!  It's great that you could start with a day of food shopping and prep. 


Just popping by with some feedback/questions:

- For breakfast,
   - was that 1 egg?  If so, aim for the number of eggs you can hold in your hand as a serving. For most people, that's at least 2.
   - was the bacon compliant (i.e., no sugar in the ingredients)?
  -  add vegetables to future breakfasts. Shoot for 1-2 cups of vegetables per meal.

- For dinner, was the chicken broth compliant?  Many store brands can include sugar, for example.

- On the juice, you're right. On a Whole30, use juice only to flavor dishes ... not to drink. The idea is to chew your food rather than drink it.


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