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Jenn B

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I have been super all summer about eating an abundance of vegetable with every meal, all colors, green, red, yellow.


My schedule is changing and do not have the same luxury (of time) to put together a cooked breakfast. Is it okay, vegetable wise, for breakfasts to not have green vegetables, but still have a good amount, amd limit it to the ones that are simply easier to slice cold and eat, such as squashes, tomatoes, and bell pepper.


The truth is, I don't like raw greens unless they are in a salad and I have a fork; breakfast will now become finger foods out of bowl.

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My standard breakfast lately is 3 or 4 scrambled eggs with a side of cold sauerkraut. I add fresh tomatoes if I have them. I can scramble eggs in about 5 minutes. The pairing of sauerkraut and eggs is good to me and I like to eat some fermented veggies every day. Breakfast is a convenient time to make it happen.

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