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Bowel movements- oh yeah I went there!


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Okay so since starting this whole30 I have not been regular!! I actually used to poop every morning before this (even though it wasn't ideal according to practical paleo) and it now feels like I am going once every 2-3 days. I don't feel bloated or constipated or "heavy" but am nervous that something isn't right. Any suggestions????

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I think the standard suggestions are magnesium supplements (the common one is Natural Calm, but I prefer a pill) and probiotics like kombucha or raw sauerkraut.


Good for you for going there.  You are not alone.  Maybe one of these will help.

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I think everyone has this reaction. I believe it's because our bodies are not used to all this whole food. They are used to processed crap (no pun intended!). So they aren't equipped to handle it at first. Are you taking digestive enzymes and HCL? Probiotics can help.


I didn't realize that Kombucha had alcohol in it and I was drinking it while driving, LOL. I know it's only a trace amount, but I think I got a buzz from it.

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