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Skipped Breakfast ... big No No!


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So after doing really well for the past 12 days - I found myself on day 13 this morning, and too tired to get out of bed and make breakfast. Pre Whole 30 I hardly ever had breakfast, as I'd have tea or coffee instead.  I just needed an extra fifteen minutes in bed this morning, as I was so sleepy, and I decided to forego breakfast. What a huge mistake to make! I have been hungry all day. I'm not talking "in need of a sandwich or biscuit" hungry. I mean stomach ache, actual hunger, and I have struggled all day. I am a little better now, and will be having a nice meal shortly and I hope to be recovered by the time I go to bed tonight. I definitely sabotaged myself today, and I am amazed that I did ok - even when I went out to lunch with my cousin and could have had an amazing egg mayonnaise baguette - but I resisted. Word of warning to everyone thinking of skipping breakfast - don't do it. It makes the rest of the day a painful uphill struggle. :(

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