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Day 24 - time to talk


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Some things I've noticed:

1) my breathing at night is easier - I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and although many of my symptoms have subsided over the last year I still was aware of my throat closing off when I was drifting off to sleep. Eventually I connected that with eating bread.  That is what actually led me to the Whole 30.  The best way I can describe what I recognize as a real change is that the back of my throat feels like it has a cathedral ceiling in it.  Open and clear.

2) I actually don't mind cooking so much any more. I think that is simply because I am seeing results, so the effort that goes into cooking seems totally worthwhile.

3) Today I realized that there isn't any restaurant around that can prepare a breakfast that I would enjoy more than the one I prepare for myself at home now.  

4) My polo shirts are hanging better on me.  

5) This is the first eating plan I've been on in decades that is showing me results.  I remain "thrilled" that I am on it and am convinced that I will be successful in getting rid of my "middle age spread" and dangerously oversized belly - and reclaim my former "slimness."  

6) I am thinking a lot about the end of the 30 when I can stand on the scale.

7) two days ago I had my first food dream - I was being tempted by a health professional to eat a health bar and (in the dream) I ate it and ruined my whole 30. Turns out the dream was a warning actually, because later that day I was offered a health bar by a health care official- I read the label - "soy, sugar, etc." - and of course, I said 'NO!"  


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