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No more joint paint on my right fingers

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I think I am in a wrong forum... How do I move the post?


I am 3D graphic artist so I do live on computer at least 8 hours a day and if I have a tight deadline I easily push 16 hours. 

It's not a healthy life style, I know, but I love what I do.(Hey, at least I have a treadmill desk ;))

I developed joint problems on my right fingers since I am holding a mouse for such a long period of time. I wake up in the morning and my fingers are so tight It takes a couple of minutes until I can fully  stretch them out. Throughout the day I would have some joint pains and discomfort which began to worry me.

To my surprise, I just realized that it has been a while since my joint pains are gone.

No stiffness in the morning and no pain throughout the day!


I have been on Paleo for a month now (3weeks for whole 30). This whole journey started with a vain reason. I have always had a conventionally believed healthy diet and exercised regularly but I never had any luck with losing that last 12 lbs. I was always hungry and quite cranky because of hunger.


Since I went on Paleo I didn't see the drastic change in my figure that I hoped for.. Anyway, since I was so focused on atheistic only I didn't even notice more serious internal change in my body.

Not having joint pain is great. More than anything I do really like this diet. I am not hungry anymore and not having a bloat is good too.But more than anything, not having joint pain is GREAT.

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That is great! I also had a lot of joint pain, my elbow and both of my thumbs (the thumbs are from the keyboard, the elbow from pruning trees back in January). Both were much better 5 days into W30. However, I did the AI W30 and when I reintroduced eggs, the pain came back in my elbow. So I'm still limiting eggs.

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