Started Aug 1st & just hit first bump


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Greetings all! I started on August 1st and so far so good... some cravings.... sleepy at first.... but that timeline article has been a huge help! Today, however, I could use a little advice. I kinda woofed my cookies and I am looking for something to comfort my tummy. I used to use toast or yogurt, but obviously not happenin' here. :-) I am off to brew some ginger tea, but I wondered.... what else would be good for a quick grab to settle an upset tummy?


HA!! And this is my introduction to the group. (rueful grin)



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Ginger tea or peppermint tea is a great idea. Make sure to read ingredients because some tea can contain soy. Sweet potatoes would be good. Maybe some scrambled eggs and/or applesauce?? I made bone broth and have some in the freezer for when I need it or times like this. Might be a good idea for the future.


Hope you feel better soon!!!

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