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My Whole30 has been going well so far, currently on Day 25. I am falling asleep more easily but overall, my sleep has gotten worse. I wake up 2-3 times per night for the last few weeks and this has never been an issue for me.


I have one cup of coffee or black tea in the morning and that's it. I seem to be sleeping more lightly and more disturbed by noise, like the 0300 garbage truck. I tried white noise and even earplugs, but still woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can go right back to sleep and hardly remember waking up, and sometimes I am jolted from a deep sleep and am awake for awhile.


I am in my 30s and in good health, I love my job, I have wonderful family and money in the bank...not really sure what's going on here. My meals over the past few days look like this:


1: Leftover turkey, steamed broccoli with ghee. Coffee with coconut milk.

2: Mixed greens with two slices of frittata (eggs, peppers, garlic, onions), apple

3. Grassfed burger x 2 with mustard and paleo mayo & ketchup, heirloom tomato, romaine lettuce “bunâ€, steamed green beans with garlic & cumin


1. Turkey meatloaf muffins x 2, sweet potato hash, celery with almond butter & bacon bits

2. Spinach salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits, olive oil & balsamic vinegar and 1/2 grapefruit

3. Leftover frittata slice x 2, zucchini and broccoli, berries with coconut cream


1. Homemade green veggie soup with 2 scrambled eggs stirred in, black tea with coconut milk

2. Salmon cakes, romaine lettuce salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, apple

3. Roasted butternut squash cubes with bolognese sauce, romaine lettuce salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

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Your food looks fine. The problem is not obvious. And it is odd that your sleep is worse at day 25. I slept better by day 25. So I am reaching for ideas... Are you getting 20 minutes of sun exposure per day? Sun exposure helps to regulate your circadian rhythm. Has your evening exposure to screens/blue light increased lately?

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I go for a walk every day at lunchtime for 20-30 min and get some sun that way -- my vit D was low when checked earlier this year, so I have been taking a vit D supplement (even found a Whole30 approved one!) as recommended by my doctor and trying to increase my sunlight exposure as well.


I have cut off iPad/cell phone/TV after 9PM or so when I start my evening wind-down, thinking that would help. I do fall asleep more easily these days but still waking up.  I have some Natural Calm before bed most nights, but have been so sleepy a few nights that I just skip it...and I still wake up. 

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Tanning beds can't duplicate the UVB rays. Tanning beds are primarily UVA rays.  They won't offer you the Sunshine Vitamin D that you need.  


As for the claim that tanning beds emit a controlled dose of UV radiation...frequent tanning bed users may receive 12X the UVA dose compared to the dose from natural sunlight exposure. You can't duplicate natural sunshine. 


Indoor tanners are 74% more likely to develop melanoma than those who go outside. 


Studies offer definitive evidence that indoor tanning bed use increases skin cancer risk. In fact, those who begin tanning before age 35 increase their risk by almost 75 percent.

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You could try bumping your night time starch (such as adding a fist sized serve of sweet potato). If your body is running low on starch reserves during the night, it will helpfully wake you up, hoping you're going to feed it :)


Some people find this is temporary only (maybe catching up a bit), others find as their body changes, more starch is needed.


If you're skipping any workout meals, your body might be having trouble catching up (backfilling, with no reserves).

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