End of 30 day challenge WOD

Colleen Roy

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I finished my whole31 yesterday. Today's WOD was a repeat of the WOD we did on day one, for comparison. I did improve in weights, but slowed down in time. It was a tough WOD, after a crazy week of traveling....plus, I kayaked for 3 hours in super windy conditions yesterday-my arms were tired!!! Overall, I am happy with the gains....not sure how many inches I lost over the 31 days, but I know I lost 8 pounds.

Day One: 15:06

30 kettle bell swings (25#)

30 shoulder to overhead (40#)

30 jump squats(40#)

30 push-ups w/clap (knees-no clap)

30 box jumps (24" step-ups due to knee injury)

30 pull-ups (green + red band assist)

Day 31: 16:38 but.....I did improve in strength!

30 kb swings (35#)

30 s2oh (45#)

30 jump squats (45#)

30 push-ups w/clap (still knees, but did 5 w/ claps)

30 box jumps (20 jumps on 24" and 10 jumps on 20")

30 pull-ups (green only)

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