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Weird day, hungry, tired, etc.


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Today's day 24 for me. Things are going pretty well. I feel "Tiger Blood" sometimes, but not all the time. Yesterday and the day before were weird days. They were those "I'm never really full" days, a little bit of lethargy, just not feeling quite as awesome as I know I can. Anyone ever have that? I feel binge-y in those moments, and that was one of my goals during all of this - to really stop it with the mindless, compulsive eating. Truthfully, I've done a pretty great job so far of not doing a lot of that, but I'm just looking for support and ideas.

I get great sleep most days, however I got up pretty early yesterday (with an alarm, which I usually try to avoid), didn't get a lot of exercise, and maybe had more fruit than usual over both days...I have been craving sweets. I'm probably a week to 5 days out from "Aunt Flo," too which I don't doubt has something to do with it. I'm trying to eat more starchy veggies.

I do feel a lot better today.

Anyway, anyone have any helpful hints? 

Thank you all!!

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