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Hormones? or something else?


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Hi everyone,


I'm currently on Day 4 of my first W30, and I started my cycle this morning.  Normally I might get mild PMS symptoms a couple of days beforehand... irritation, bloating, etc, but nothing very severe.


However, last night when I was going to bed I felt pretty awful.  I was getting hot flashes followed by chills... I'd start sweating, but when I kicked the covers off I would freeze.  My heart kept pounding, too.  It almost felt like a fever, but I didn't have one. 


The only other time I experienced this when it wasn't related to illness was when I was a teenager and had half of my thyroid removed, and there was an adjustment period for a couple of weeks afterward.  I'm not sure what else would have caused it.  I've heard of people experiencing other types of hormonal swing symptoms on W30 but since I'm so early in the program I didn't expect something like that.  Maybe it's a fluke?


Anyone else have experience/insight?  Thanks!

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