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Day 13: temptation


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Ask your husband to go buy a cake at the grocery store tomorrow on his way to work.

Tell your husband that you are not strong enough at this point to do this thing he asks without falling off the wagon. Tell him you need his strength and support to get you through this.

You can do this!!!!!!

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I think you have a couple of options...



1) get your husband to make the cake himself

2) make him something compliant - meatballs with a dipping sauce, or frittata, or chicken "nuggets", meatloaf etc. If it needs to be sweet, chopped fruit with a coconut cream


if you don't think you can make the cake without being tempted by the batter in the bowl...or the baked cake...don't do it!

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Thank you for the support! I didn't reply b4 cause my baby got sick yesterday.


So I ended up baking for him but not decorating etc... told him to get it from the oven LOL

It is strange how the mind works, i almost licked the batter which it was smth automatic i would do.

It was hard!!! but empowering to know i am a strong willed woman.


Now, because I made 2 weeks and didn't ruin yesterday, I gave myself a prize --- new running shoes.

I will get back to running to cope wih my stressful days instead of a chocolate cake. ( will try....)


i can feel some improvements already ( my mood + - , energy a little bit better and joint pains are not as bad right now).

I am sticking with it ... 15 days more and maybe life (definetly a life change)

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