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Pacycheek's Whole? 8/18/13


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Winding up my first day. I think I did pretty well. 3 meals, a couple of snacks


Meal 1:  chicken and red pepper sausage diced with green onions, red onions and red bell peppers topped with an over easy egg...the whole mess cooked in some ghee.


Meal 2: 3 salmon cakes from the Practical Paleo recipe (I make them smaller than the recipe says). I topped those with avocado and had more red peppers.


Meal 3: Baked chicken leg with broccoli 


Snacks were pistachios and dried apples.


It's going to take me a bit to work out food amounts...I'm working with limited stomach real estate due to weight loss surgery.


I filled out the Self-Evaluation sheet as suggested in my Day 0 email. I hit two of the three goals I set for myself....definite room for improvement there.


I'm feeling pretty good, despite this being the first day of a visit from my Aunt too. I made a conscious effort not to be a cranky butt. We'll see how tomorrow goes...I'm watching two extra children (both girls egads!) and I've got a bunch of things to do at the kids' school to help with the ramp up to their first day. All prayers, finger crossing and goat sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

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Great first day! One note...if you need a snack try to make it a mini meal that fits the meal template: protein, veg, and fat. Keep fruit to your meals only if you can. You probably could have added some fat to your meal 3 as well.


You can do this! One meal at a time!

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