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Applying the Pre and Post WO meals to teen athletes


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I have a son who is nearly 16.  He is tall & thin but muscular.  He has been pretty lazy all summer, and has just started running with the X-Country team @ his high school.  He also could stand to fuel his BRAIN better during the day, he's often sleepy in school.


I'm wondering if I could apply the same pre and post workout guidelines to his day as we do during the Whole 30.


When you google the words teen,athlete & nutrition, USDA has their marketing feces all over everything.   Obviously we know that information to be bogus.


Any words of advice?  I work with a woman who' has a teenager daughter, same age, who is super active in extracurriculars, and also very serious about her academics, and the soccer star.  She's also tall and thin. 


Currently my son will eat an apple and a handful of nuts before his morning run (3-5 miles) and then when he gets home he'll eat scrambled eggs and toast or oatmeal and a banana.  Harder for me to say how he handles his afternoon/evening meals because he is often on his own for those.


Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions.


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I don't see any reason for him to not follow the same guidelines as the rest of us.  At that age, his body and muscles are developing and it it a wise idea to fuel the workouts (and the rest of the day) as best as possible so he can reach his full potential physically and mentally.  


It's certainly better than letting him pump himself full of supplements from GNC or something.  

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