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Coconut milk (canned) recipe


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I had the same question, but the word canned leads me to the first option. As Amberino21 said - all the curries (like this one ). You can use it in something more traditional like pork chops with mushroom sauce. Link.  Coconut milk works great in all soups - like this Thai soup  or Thai Tom Kha  or cream of Broccoli soup . Or mushroom soup. Also it is pretty awesome with all the veggies - cauliflower with cashews per se. I wouldn't use the brands this author uses (coconut milk light? Really?), but you get the idea. You can also make sauces and dressings with it. Example - sautee fresh garlic in some olive oil over medium in a cast iron skillet. Stir in some fresh coconut milk, turn heat to low and stir for about five minutes. Add in some fresh lemon grass and a small piece of fresh ginger.Example - paleo Tzatziki or mint raita from Stephanie. 


And so on and so on and so on. Get the idea? 

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