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Not hungry, but not turned off by food


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This is my first whole 30 and I'm 2 weeks in. The transition was fairly easy for me... I had done some research on gluten free eating and eliminated breads and pastas about a year ago. With that being said, I was also able to find loop holes in gluten free eating, and was able to get my hands on lots of unhealthy gluten free food. I wasn't super strict with it, but I was aware of trigger foods that made me feel yucky (bloating, gassy, etc). I also had chronic heart burn which was non existent when I avoided such foods. What was appealing to me about Whole 30 was the impact on my relationship with food. I've always felt hungry... not satisfied. I was starting to wonder if maybe I didn't have an off switch when it came to hunger. Something peculiar happened today... I ate breakfast (3 eggs, half a turkey sausage, lots of spinach and peppers), for lunch I had chicken breast, a sweet potato and broccoli, and when super came around... I wasn't hungry. I've read that some people become 'repulsed' by certain foods and this point... but this was different. I made supper for my husband (non-compliant food and I wasn't tempted at all), and I made my lunch for tomorrow.

I've read about the importance of eating 3 meals, is it ok to listen to my body if I'm not hungry? I know it sounds silly, even more so now that I've typed it all out. I'm just curious if there might be days where I don't need to eat as much. Yesterday I had a pretty intense work out and ate 3 meals (ate my 3rd meal about an hour and a half after my work out) and later that night I felt hungry so I had a half a turkey sausage, 1/4 c. egg whites and a few grapes.


Don't mean to brag... but I've felt tiger blood pretty much since day 1. I feel amazing... but I've read so many posts on here about crashing, headaches, loss of energy. I've been a little worried about waking up one day and losing this 'high'.

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I just read Tom Denham's reply to somebody else's question:

The meal template describes the minimum amount of food you should be eating: http://whole9life.co...ng-Template.pdf It is important to eat this much even if you don't feel like it. If you feel full while eating less food, you may be having trouble with digestion and need to take digestive enzymes with your meals to help you "process" the food you are eating. You might want to look at this article on digestive enzymes: http://whole9life.co...ve-enzymes-101/

I guess that answers my question! I don't feel like I'm not digesting though and I'm more regular than I've ever been. I'll probably be famished at breakfast tomorrow though!

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