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Whole30 #2 - Bigger, Badder, Meatier

KC Sunshine

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Hey all.


Started the first day of my second Whole30 today! Did my first one back in February with awesome results, now it's about time for a retuning. 


Was going to start yesterday, but went out to a Korean restaurant and had some soup that I *think* was compliant, but not sure about MSG / additives. So, to keep it honest, I decided to start my day count today.


Today's meals:

Breakfast - eggs, onion, kale

Lunch - steak, kale, pecans, blueberries

Dinner - ground beef w/ Mexican spices, onion, avocado, kale


How have ya'll ordered at restaurants? I cooked every single meal last time around, but figured I might try to eat out this time. I just feel awkward asking if they have any dishes that don't have: soy, MSG, sulfites, carrageenan, carbs, legumes, etc. Especially with some of the sauces / dressings, you really have to know what to look for to be able to tell if it's compliant or not.

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I eat out frequently. I typically browse a restaurant's menu online ahead of time for a couple entrees that look compliant or can be easily tweaked to do so. In some cases I'll call the restaurant ahead of time, state I can't have gluten, dairy or soy, explain what I'm looking at, and if it's ok as is. If the entree comes with a grain or potato side dish, I skip that and get double vegetables, cooked compliant, instead.


For salads, I either bring my own compliant dressing or request a lemon wedge.


If I order something grilled, I request dry-grilled first and if they can't do that, I tell them any oil but soybean.


I avoid Chinese restaurants on a Whole30 because of MSG. If I were to end up there, I'd get a steamed dish. I also avoid soups while dining out: too many opportunities for gluten or other nasties.

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Thanks for the advice - that's a great idea to call restaurants in advance.


Today I had:

Breakfast: Chicken, avocado, kale

Lunch: Steak, avocado, kale, blueberries

Dinner: Hot chicken sausage, avocado, kale, strawberries, carrots


Kale is definitely growing on me, and I'm loving an avocado a meal. Think I'm going to pick up a Paleo cookbook or two and try to spice things up this weekend.

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Day 3 went well.


Breakfast: sausage, kale, avocado, melon

Lunch: steak, kale, avocado, carrots

Dinner: salad from a local restaurant with chicken, coconut filings, avocado, onions, scallions, and cucumbers - freaking awesome! first Whole30 meal that wasn't home-cooked!


Feeling a bit lethargic, but that may be because I've been short on sleep lately. Gotta be up at 6am tomorrow for PT so that'll continue into Friday, but getting away for the weekend so should be able to make it up.


On a side note - anyone have any experience keeping compliant while going camping?

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Day 31

Totally slacked off posting here. My Dad was doing it with me, so I relied on him for social support.


Here are the basic post Whole30 stats:


Me (Whole30 #2):

Start weight: 164

End weight: 155


Dad (Whole30 #1):

Start weight: 210

End weight: 193


We both ate WELL throughout. There were a few occasions where we ate out and couldn't be completely sure whether the food was 100% compliant, but we both kept going and are feeling good. My Dad's going to get his blood work checked out this weekend, and then we're considering doing another round. 


After doing my 2nd, I can wholeheartedly say.... DO THIS PROGRAM. You feel great, eat well, and lose weight. 

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