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Going for Whole60, would love a buddy


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I finish my first Whole30 on Thursday (8/22). It's been pretty great so far, but I think I still need some strict Whole-ness to kick my sugar dragon/emotional eating habits. Anyone interested in buddying up? Whether you're just starting your first Whole30, or wanting some motivation to keep on keepin' on, I would love to be support for someone as well as get a little. 

Anyone out there interested?

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Hi Molly!  :) I did my first Whole30 in January this year, then I've been whole30-ing on & off since June 10th (i did 27 days, then had a dodgy sausage  :ph34r: , then managed another 13 or 14 days, fell off the wagon a bit, climbed back on properly August 5th, fell off this afternoon, getting back on again  :rolleyes: ). I've got a monstrous sugar dragon & am toying with the idea of a Whole100, or at the very least a "Paleo100", where i might allow a little honey in a savoury dish (not baked goods), or maybe alternate Whole30s with months of strict paleo... Not sure i'm ready to ride my own bike yet! I also struggle with emotional/habitual eating, & have really been fighting losing the battle with the old sugar dragon this time around! I need to cut right back on the dried fruit & just get hold of my snacking habits in general  :)

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Hi Molly and  Roz,

I am with you on this one! I am on day 10 of my first Whole30 and doing well sofar but I know I will need more time to kick old (read 50) habits and taming that old dragon- before Whole30 I had been mostly paleo/primal for a few months and was enjoying this a lot, but it's all too easy to keep your bad habits and just change what you snack on.

Especially having 2 hungry skinny males in the house who love coconut chocolate treats and all those lovely paleofyied yummies, I have a hard time with temptations...even nuts and organic dried apricots can do me in and I am determined to get over this once and for all.


love to keep in touch and support you both!

happy to message or just post ;)

love to you both

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Erica and Roz thanks so much for your quick and awesome replies! It gives me energy and motivation knowing that there are other folks out there with the same struggles that can work together to support each other. Heck yes you can kick those temptations, Erica! And Roz, emotional/compulsive eating...I sooo understand that!

I'm definitely a "can't do moderation" person, so having strict rules like "I just don't eat sugar or sweeteners" is good for me. I'm on the fence about honey. I still have a half a jar that I would hate to waste...it's good stuff! But not for another month or so at least.

Also, my sister and her gluten-free hubby are coming to visit mid-September and I did promise them some kind of paleo baked good, which I will also partake in. But other than that I'm going to be following the rules pretty closely. 

I had a good list of goals this time around which I stuck to pretty closely until this past week (certain time of the month!)


Here are a list of my goals this time around, some are repeat offenders:


- NO distractions while eating (computer, talking on phone, reading, etc) I'm especially bad about mindlessly eating while on the phone. Let's stop that!

- 0 - 1 snacks, and only if I am actually hungry. Really trying to only eat 3 meals + pre/post-workout food.

- 0 - 1 servings of fruit per day. I know I've been using it to quell cravings. (I will be doing a 2 day hiking trip in a couple of weeks where I might have more fruit, i.e. a Larabar or 2)

- Make a plate of food and only eat what's on it (no pre-meal, or post-meal nibbling)...but I can have seconds if I'm still hungry :)


This one is kind of off-topic, but I think that now that my food issues are a little more controlled, I want to focus on another bad habit: biting my nails! So, we'll see how that goes. I haven't bitten them in about 2 days as of now, but they do tingle with temptation!


I look forward to more conversations with the both of you. We can stay on the forum, or send private messages. Either way's fine by me. Thanks again for your responses!

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Molly - are you sure your name isn't Amy?  Because your goals sounds WAY similar to mine this time around!  I finished my first Whole30 yesterday and had a good group on here and I came this morning looking for another support group.  I had good results last time but not with weight, I am not overweight - just higher on the healthy range for my height, but I do have a few pounds that I would like to take off.


I wrote down my goals for this time:

1) Eat only at meal times (no snacking - this was a problem last time)

2) Fruits and nuts only with meals (see #1 I was snacking on fruit and nuts between meals too often)

3) Turn off computer by 9pm and hit the bed by 10:15


Last time I did well with my goal of eating only off of a plate - I am sure I ate a good 1/2 plate more out of containers as I wa preparing meals.


Also, good luck with the nail biting - I conquered that this year.  I bit my nails since I was a child, and then was on and off with it since the age of 20...I am 35 now.  My kids started to pick up the habit that it what has stopped me in my tracks this year.  I try to think about how dirty my hands are....you don't want to put all of those germs in your mouth!


Erica and Roz - welcome too - I look forward to supporting each other!


Here is to my new day #1!

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hello ladies, I like those goals! they are so similar to my own! only on day 11 first time around and I know it is going to take more than 30 to make the changes I need to make...


my goals:


1. 3 meals and no snack apart from around workouts

2. no mindless eating- am very likely to eat while reading or "just doing some work" at the same time..

3. cut out the glorified extras that keep me craving, nuts/nutbutter, fruit- try to have as part of meals


I am not overweight but have had trouble these last few years getting rid of the few extra pounds I am not comfortable with, and hate the bloated feeling that strikes pre - period. you would think at 50 this would have gone away by now....


good luck with your goals everyone.

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Hi everyone -

Things are going well on day #2 (second Whole30) - way different than the first time around to say the least.  I don't have any of the withdrawl symptoms or heavy cravings for sugar which is nice.  I am doing WAY better so far on snacking between meals.  Yesterday I did not snack between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner....BIG victory for me.   I did nibble after dinner while cooking meals for today.  Also, I did have some fruit but it was all with my meals.

Today I was starving before lunch, so I had a few cashews around 11:20 - to hold me over for my lunch.   It was almost "with" my lunch...I will continue to work on that.


Seems like all of us here have issues with fruit and nuts/ butters.  I think it is because they are the closest thing to a "sweet" that we can have on Whole30.   I can say that day by day as I am on the plan longer it gets easier and I am realizing that grab a handful of blueberries or a banana more out of habit than anything else.  When I get in "busy" mode at home I am used to grabbing food to eat on the run....and since I am taking the time to it down now, I need to not do that!

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Amy, so glad you're joining! Looks like we have a lot in common and I really like what you have to say.

I feel like I've been pms-ing for the past 10 days! It comes in waves, but I've had a general malaise, been a little weepy (which is really rare for me), constipated, and feeling generally swelled up. And I'm a few days late, so it seems to be dragging on forever! Needless to say, I've been craving anything resembling dessert after dinner. Last night I had probably 3 tablespoons (maybe more?) of coconut butter and almost a half pint of blueberries. When I put it in perspective that's a benign "binge" compared to what they used to be/can be, but it still feels so mentally the same. It's this weird feeling of "screw it" that I get, while remaining conscious of what I'm doing, but for whatever reason not caring. Some kind of self-sabotage? I think I'm also feeling like this 2nd Whole30 is a re-start as opposed to a continuation and I'm in that "binge before you diet" mentality. Mixed with the pms...oi vey!

Anyway, today's day 30 and I feel a little better so far today. I do have to be proud of myself for sticking pretty steadfastly to the protocal for 30 days. Truthfully it's not the food that makes this so hard for me, I truly love eating Whole9-style. But since the beginning of my paleo journey (about a year and a half ago) it's put all my food issues right out there in front of me. Which is awesome in so many ways, but also so difficult to acknowledge and cope with. But it is all a journey and I do want to continue to love myself and work on myself.

I'm torn between putting more rules on myself (like absolutely no eating after 8:00 pm) or being calmer about everything. Tough love or gentle love? Not sure yet. 

Well, I think I'm excited about day 31 tomorrow and continuing on, especially with you all around. Thanks for reading!


Lots of big love!

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o Molly, I am so with you today! strong feeling of pms, tired, weepy, bloated and a full on day at work....I would love to be over the pms by now and it doesn't always happen as this last year is certainly different for me, the periods are less frequent after a life time of every 3 weeks but now it is unpredictable and takes me by surprise.

came home to find a meal prepared that didn't cater very well for me so did not eat that much while being very hungry, this lead to the blueberry - coconut "dessert" and I do think I use the "allowed" foods to satisfy sweet cravings. o dear the big box of chocolates on the nurses' desk today never looked so good, I was actually salivating...and I don't even particularly like milk chocolate....


I too waver between the tough love and relaxing the rules. sometimes it feels you are too hard on yourself and "what the heck' and making the rules even harder so there is less room to cheat.

Is it only us women that are so hard on ourselves? 30 + years of food issues, can it change? I hope so and I too think I am doing better than before, at least the realisation of what I am doing helps and the "binging" is very benign compared to the old days and I credit paleo for that.

I have a few days off now, after a long time without a break and will use the time to re-focus and relax. Even though dd is coming home for a few days too from university and will want her share of attention ;)

love to you all

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Wow - we are three peas in a pod!   I was supposed to get my period last week but it has still yet to come!  I was very bloated and broke out and thought it was coming and then nothing.....and still nothing.  I feel like my mood has gotten better and my hormones have died down a bit.   Not sure when it will come.


Molly - you sound just like me on the last days of my first whole 30.....I went a little crazy with the fruit and coconut oil.  It was one of the reasons I wanted to keep going, I did not think I had my habit under control.


So far on day 3 of the second time I am doing better.  I really feel like the first time was a warm up, I needed to learn how to do it, understand the rules...and now I can follow them better.  Like you both, I love to follow rules...however, rarely have I followed eating rules for any length of time.  It is usually about 4 days in and all of demons come out and I am dying for anything - and I end up eating yogurt, muffins etc.  All "healthy" but a binge none the less!

Yes, my food "issues" are right there for me to see and process.  It is so obvious now because I know I am not hungry!  I am giving myself MORE than enough food and especially fat.  I can go 5 hours between meals, but the old me is sooo used to snacking that I want to eat an hour after lunch, and breakfast and dinner ;)   I found a lot of support by reading Melissa's story at the start of the book...that was a lot like me.  Food was my pleasure and my curse...I love and hate it!   Now I feel so much more in control and satisfied, it is empowering.


I really want a snack right now...but it is 45 min until lunch and I know that my lunch will taste SOOO good if I eat it when I am really hungry. 

Keep up the good work ladies :)

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o, it's so good to hear your stories, it really helps!


my gp suggested I take hormones when I asked about advice on the "pms" symptoms a few years ago- he explained that the years leading up to menopause can be hard etc but I was not about to start taking a mini pill at my age.....I have managed symptoms quite well naturally and am happy with that, but it 's interesting to feel the cravings and "hunger" that goes along with these hormonal swings....


I too can go 5 hours between meals and I don't even feel like snacking then, but after dinner, help! the evenings I find hardest.


I can see that after this first whole30 it will be good to just carry on to the next one and give it that time (maybe the younger ones can do it in 30?).


and isn't is nice how wonderful your food tastes when you are really hungry!


have a great day you two

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It is so nice to get on the computer and read these posts from you all!

Well, I'm on day 31 and things are going well. I'm morning shifts (5:15 am - 10:30) a few days a week and I'm nervous about it messing up my eating. But you know, I think I'm always just worried about food. I don't know why. I always had food on the table - I've never gone hungry. I don't know why I'm always thinking about food! It's pretty silly and frustrating. I wish I could just let go and not think about it until I'm hungry. Instead, I'm always planning my next meal or when I'm going to eat. That's something else I have to work on, I guess. Will do, then! 

WOW, I'm also late with my period. So this pms is just dragging out. Why is that? What is readjusting that makes our periods come later? I am hoping that next month I ditch this extended period of feeling blech. 

I think that everyone has their own timeframe for getting over their food issues (or do the ever really go away?) I'm 26, and feeling like I have a looong way to go to kick these habits. I think I'm just kind of stubborn, don't like being told what to do, even by myself! Man, oh man.

I think the hardest time for me is post-meal. For whatever reason, even if I'm full, I almost always without fail want more at the end of a meal. Like I just really like eating, and I don't want it be done...and then a binge ensues. I, too, can go 5 hours w/o eating. And it's not a problem. But that first hour after eating is a really tough one for me. 

Maybe I should start planning in digestive walks after dinner, or special phone calls to friends, or some other treat/distraction to make sure I don't eat. Or maybe tea would help. 


Oh ladies, thank you so much! You are breaths of fresh air, we all got this, I know it!


Much love and support and have yourselves some great weekends!!!

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lol Amy, I am trying a cup of redbush tea after lunch right now...it's good. why is that first hour after eating so hard? hormones or habit?

it's almost easier to be at work and be distracted! I guess the  more distractions you can think of the better, try them all out and see what works.


I have my 20 year old daughter home for a few days and I can see that food has a complicated role in her life too. I am hoping to switch her on to the Whole30 when she is home for the summer later, I am sure it would be help her with energy, study, sleep.....


it does seem frustrating at times that so much time is spent on food, thinking about it, shopping, preparing, planning, etc

especially if you are the one at home who does most of the food prep work! it's not easy being a woman, mother, partner, carer, nurturer....


take care both of you x

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Molly, I am 35 and I have been in the same food place for about 13 years. I am excited for you that you are facing this at 26 - get free from it now! I wish I had lived the last 10 years with a better food relationship. But better late than never, right? Yesterday was craving filled, today I feel better. I did a long swim yesterday and I think thank makes me more hungry. Just not sure how great lots of cardio is for me anymore if it makes me want to eat all day after!

Today I am focused on three meals, we have a nice dinner out and I want to be hungry!!

I have to take care of my kids! Talk more later, happy Saturday!

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Roz - your post about chocolate is interesting. I am starting to think today about how I want to really operate and eat for the long term. I like sweets and I would like a healthy relationship with them - I want to have chocolate every once in a while, but not daily. I am learning a lot doing this whole30. I planned on going for another 30 days but I am now rethinking what I really need. I need to focus on balanced and normal eating. I am thinking out loud here, but I am trying to find a way to start living outside of this cocoon I have around me! I guess that is what they mean when they say we need to learn to ride our bike without training wheels!

I have kids and want to model good habits for them. Erica, does your daughter have a good relationship with food?

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I am feeling awesome today! I had a great Crossfit workout this morning, a delicious breakfast, have been productive, and have been thinking about food way less. No cravings to snack, great meals, productivity, and guilt-free lazy time which is rare. I often feel guilty if I'm just laying around reading during that day.


Does anyone else find themselves thinking in "days." I sometimes have this "good day/bad day" mentality dependent on how/what/how much I ate. I have found myself getting away from that on the Whole30, but it still creeps back out sometimes. It's such a detrimental, not-self-loving mentality! Boo on that!


Erica, redbush or rooibos tea (esp. vanilla rooibos) with coconut milk...yummy and so satisfying. I had tea last night after dinner/while watching a bit of TV, and it was really perfect. Just now after my lunch I had a few sips of kombucha. It also gave me that post-meal something extra that I really like, without being too filling. And really, just a few sips was enough. Sparkling water also does that for me.


Roz, stay strong with that chocolate craving! I don't think there's much that can replace chocolate...cacao powder and a date/fig mashed up? Not that I should be encouraging replacing the craving with something else. Well, then I'll send you strength to work through it.


Amy I totally support you getting those training wheels off, if you feel you're ready. I would love to keep hearing about how it goes for you and how you're figuring it all out, reintroductions, etc. I'm excited to do reintroductions! Once I'm ready, which I'm definitely not quite yet. I am a very impulsive person and often jump the gun on this kind of thing. I really want to give myself 60 days to recalibrate and feel what a full week might look like without cravings. I mean, who knows if that will even happen. But wouldn't it be cool if it did?!!?


I might only be 26, but I think I've had these food issues for at least 10, maybe 15 years. I read a book of essays once on food issues and there was this one essay about a girl who's dad ate a lot and would eat off her plate and so she felt that she needed to eat really fast in order to make sure she would eat her food before her dad did. That really rang true with me. My dad is soo like that, and I do eat fast, sometimes gulping down food. I also remember coming home from school when I was in middle school, high school, and just binging on whatever food was in the house (which was always just scrounging for random crap, lots of dumb low-cal weight watchers bars that were my mom's, etc). Definitely out of boredom and loneliness. It's pretty interesting to see how all of my past is still so present with me. I'm gonna getcha food demons, I am!!! :)


Glorious weekendness to all of you wonderful folks!

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Amy, my daughter does not have a good relationship with food and she is aware of it- she seems to have come to this realisation recently and I think she would like to change it. She is not ready to do a Whole30 but I am encouraging her to consider eating 3 meals a day, especially breakfast as she is inclined to skip this and then binge later on....I know she will come to it in her own time and am happy she seems to be quite aware of what is happening for her now. She is making changes and that is great.


Molly, I just had some redbush after my lunch, must try it with some coconut milk. I love coconut everything anyway ;)


A good day today for me, had 2 lovely meals and am about to go for a long run with my running group, have my pumpkin dish lined up for afterwards ;)


take care everyone

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Hi Guys -

I am ready for a good weekend, I had an interesting weekend.  Lots of thinking for some reason.   I realized that the last several weeks and weekends on Whole30 I was not eating meals in the same manner that I had in the past.  Most of the time I was planning meals around protein, fat and a few carbs - so often I had on my plate a mish mosh of food that did not go together and it encouraged me to eat just to feel full.  And cooking in more oil than usual - because it was coconut oil and I need to have a fat - when I did not like my food with that much oil on it!     I also thought to myself that I was eating a fair amount fruit - and if I allowed myself a small bit of dark chocolate instead that would probably be a lot better.


So my change on Saturday and Sunday was to focus on real meals - eat things that went together better - and allowing myself some 88% dark chocolate if I was so inclined.  It was WAY better for me - I felt much more normal.  Yesterday after lunch I caught myself before I ate a bowl of blueberries and instead had a small piece of chocolate - it was very satisfying - I did not want more (prior to this I would have 2-3 squares).   So at that point I guess I am off Whole30?  


Molly - I used to think of having good or bad days, but now I am able to get back on track faster.  Every meal is another opportunity to make good choices.


Roz - happy that your daughter wants to start improving her relationship with food!  I asked because I have 3 girls, still little, but they pick up on everything.  I want to model good habits for them and help foster a healthy body image and self esteem.


Today I had some eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, lunch is chicken salad over a bed of greens, dinner is a buffalo burger with zucchini and avocado.

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Hi!  Today is Day 1 of my Whole 30 so I was reading through the forum and I was intrigued by your comments Molly and then went on to read comments from Amy and Erica.  It is good to know that nut-butter love is not just MY trigger! HA!  I know I have gone off-track when I get out the jar of almond butter and decide to just finish it off! ;)   Well, I completed a Whole 60 during June and July and then in August AFTER successfully maneuvering my way around temptation at many family celebrations, I gave in to a chocolate chip cookie cake that I made for my son's 11th birthday on August 9.  That seemed to give me license to eat whatever...and the no-brakes eating came on full-force.  I can soooo relate to many of the challenges you all have mentioned.  During 2 short weeks, I gained enough weight that my bras are just barely holding me in, and I'm suffering from being too hot at night.  I think my body is revolting against the grains, sugar and dairy that I have been consuming.  I am ready to get my body back and in a healthy state.  Once I get going, I know I'll feel better.  The hardest part is going forward after meeting the goal of 60 days.  I truly believe this way of eating is what my body is designed for (it operates optimally when I adhere to it) and I definitely want to live it the rest of my life.  Hope I can gleen some encouragement from you ladies, as well as give-back!  I also would like to know some-one in person that is doing this.  I live in the panhandle of FL, anyone nearby?

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hello all,

it's good to think about the challenges ahead! my family is used to "mum eating super healthy" right now and they are supportive. I really want to give my daughter a good example of making changes that last. she has now decided to go off all diary for a month as she feels sure it affects her skin (I am sure too). her life as a new student is not a very regular one, to say the least and she is having a hard time adjusting to being single, studying, living with a whole lot of people that all seem to be sooo much better adjusted, prettier, smarter than she is.......I am hoping she will give her self some regularity in at least eating 3 meals a day and no dairy and I feel that If I stop my healthy ways after 30 days this will give the wrong example! I am anyway starting to feel so much better in myself that I do not want to stop, but very likely to have the odd 85% chocolate after dinner at some stage and that surely is fine as long as it is one piece!

quite a few of my primal friends have continued to use some dairy in the long run, most leave it out for some time and then have decided to add a some back in like raw yoghurt or cream, butter. I think I am going to be happy without it for now.

reading the ISWF it was interesting to read about the nuts and nut butters and that they recommend sunflower seed butter, sesame seeds, pumkon and other nut butters as occasional foods! best nuts to be macademia, hazelnut and cashews. I think I must just stay away from the nutbutters all together, cannot handle small amounts- always go for more. I had a recipe for sunflower and sesame seed crackers - very nice but have stopped making that as well as all the almond flour goodies as all of that will set me off overeating , I have now realised.....and I don't miss it much after a few weeks now....

have a great day all of you

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Eric - you are right they do say to limit them, but I have the hardest time doing it!  Since they are "on the list" I consider them safe - but for me they really are not.  I don't know how many times I have said after finishing a container of cashwes or almonds "I am not buying them again" and then I go to TJ's and buy another bag!  I am able to limit my consuption of macadamia nuts...but cashews are impossible, they are a little sweeter I think.

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Welcome, greeninpace! These folks have been super supportive so far, I love reading everyone's new posts. I am sure you'll find lots of support around our little corner of the Whole9 forum. And good luck finding someone in FL to maybe meet in person. I, too, wish I could find a buddy here in the Portland/Columbia Gorge area (hint, hint any Oregon Whole30 readers out there :) Even without a real-life support network, you are all great and I am thankful for having you around my virtual world.

Oh green, Isn't it crazy how just 2 weeks can make you bloat up like a balloon? And then you look in the mirror, try on your favorite pants (or bra!) and BAM! you realize you don't feel as awesome as you did just a freakin' minute ago. Been there! It really sucks. Way to go starting another Wholestint. I'm sure you'll be feeling that Tiger's Blood in no time :)


Isn't it interesting how so many people have the same issues with finding foods that they can consume in large amounts to satisfy a craving just because it's allowed in the program? Are we all emotional/compulsive eaters to some degree? I'm not saying any of you are, but I know I am. Amy, I hear you! How many times have I bought Coconut Bliss, or almond butter "for the last time." Let's NOT count.  


But I really am finally, and only in these past few days, seeing that 'light' of "oh my goodness, I can eat only 3 meals, not snack and still be fantastically satisfied." Today after lunch I knew I wasn't 'satisfied' so I blended up some frozen berries and coconut milk. Maybe SWYPO, but I don't care because...drumroll please...I didn't even eat the whole portion!! I put a lid on the jar and put it in the freezer when I was satisfied! That's, like, a total first for me. And then I knew I wasn't going to crave anything until my pre-workout snack.


I haven't bought any nuts/nut butters in awhile, and I think I'll still hold off for a bit. But I am going to soon (maybe when there's a sale somewhere, they're also so gosh darn expensive) to see how I deal with it in this new context. It's all about experimentation. I'm finding it so fun to experiment without the stress of "will I be able to stop myself from eating this, or that, or...everything!"


Rock on, chocolate eaters. It's great that you know your needs and that chocolate will satisfy you more than fruit. I think that's the best part of this - finding what works for YOU. You are taking those training wheels off and eating sustainably - both psychologically and physically. woohooo!


Good luck to your daughter, Erica. I hope it works for her and finds out more about her dietary needs. I tried to do "no dairy February" but I think I found the rules to not be strict enough for me and I didn't make it through, and I was cooking with butter. Haha.


Hope everyone's week is off to a great start so far!

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yeah, for some of us here nuts should most definitely come with a health warning! I had not had cashew nuts for a while and when I did realised they are a bit sweeter so again, best not for me!

I too am much better of not buying, then it's just not there to be a temptation.

I find nut porridge so nice and easy on a busy morning though and my goal for the next week is to have breakfast without nuts- usually it's eggs with greens and some left over protein but I often just don't feel like it in the morning, maybe it's just old habits?

what are your favourite breakfast fast foods for a workaday morning?

I have got the long black with coconut oil down pat, no problem there ;)

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Good morning crew!

Molly - nice job yesterday sticking to three meals, that is amazing!  I am still working torwards that - making small progress daily which makes me happy.   Yes, I have bought almond butter and sunflower butter way too often....I don't know what coconut bliss is....but I don't think I want to find out :)


Erica - breakfast for me is usually one of the following:

eggs with mushrooms/ veggies along with avocado and fruit

pork sausage/ onions on top of mashed sweet potatoes and/ or pumpkin puree

Kale and chicken sausage with slices tomatoes

hard boild eggs, side of fruit and/ or coconut milk, nuts and shredded coconut


Today I have lunch out and I have family coming in to visit for a few days.  They are not really meat eaters and think of it as very unhealthy so it will be interesting.  I will likely make more vegetable sides to meet their needs - and allow my family to eat all the meet needed.

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