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Going for Whole60, would love a buddy


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Molly and Erica, I just thought I would share this part of the Whole 30 ~ Day 15 email I got today because when I read it, I immediately thought of your most recent posts:

  • Are you eating three solid meals a day? Our template is built around 3-ish meals, so don't cheat yourself out of valuable nutrients by eating too little or too infrequently. (That especially means don't miss breakfast.) And are you eating your post-workout meal right after your high-intensity training, in addition to your regular meals? If you're working hard, you need fuel for recovery. (Review the post-workout section of It Starts With Food for details.)

  • Are you adding plenty of good fat to each meal? Healthy fats are a necessary part of every meal. Don't skip this part (or cut back on your added fat), or you'll never have enough energy. Fat is your friend! In addition, if you're active, you may need more carbohydrates to support that activity level. Don't be afraid of sweet potato, butternut or acorn squash, or pumpkin if you play a sport, participate in high-intensity exercise regularly or have a very active job.

Though we've all probably read this in the book, it's hard to remember everything.

The Insanity class on Saturday was a very good workout!  It was high intensity intervals with 30 second - 1 minute rests in between...and thankfully a little longer rest in between sets as the instructor told us what the next moves would be.  It was very fast-paced and I didn't exactly keep up with it every set, but I did my best and finished strong...and sweaty!  I am still sore today in my calves and between my shoulder blades (from downward V push-ups)! :P   I would like to do it a couple times a month, just for something different and for the social aspect.  I do enjoy my HIIT bike rides and eccentric exercises that I do on my own, but it's fun to mix it up sometimes.  It will depend on when the class is offered since the time hasn't been determined yet.  Eats were spot on over the weekend despite my hubby's best efforts! HA!  I asked him to make some guacamole which he happily obliged but then pushed a taste test on a tortilla chip toward my mouth, so I just licked it off the chip and threw it away!  Then on Sunday, I made a dessert for the family and it turned out to be good on the top layer (a version of fudgy pudding) but too chocolatey on the bottom and he wanted me to taste it by giving me a spoonful but I refused (I didn't even WANT to TASTE it).  He just doesn't understand that just one bite IS NOT GOOD FOR ME.  Because I will like it and it will lead to MORE eating of it...Not gonna do it!  I am very committed to the Whole 30 and on the weekends when I actually make a meal for the whole family to sit down and eat together, I do make things for them that I have no intention of eating (not that they're bad per se, just not as pure as what I'm eating now).  Eventually when I get a better handle on how to make paleo dishes that I know they'll enjoy as well, it will be easier.  Oh, one thing that is a yummy treat is Dr. Weil's salmon sausage patties that I ordered from Vital Choice.  They are good, quick and easy - highly recommend!  Had 2 for bfast today along with a pile of broccoli, cauli and carrots steamed w/EVOO & pepper!

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@greeninpeace- thanks for the reminder in your last post- I didn't have enough lunch yesterday or dinner due to a too busy day with lots of commitments and ended up snacking in the evening- nothing unhealthy but still- I felt it this morning- not nice...

It's quite hard still to remind myself that healthy fat is ok and I need it!! such a mind shift.

I am needing another Whole 30 for sure so am back on today and going to keep going. I want to be able to cook food for my husband and son too without eating it myself. They have been quite supportive but cannot see why I am quite so strict on myself....

I am ramping up the exercise again too and find I do well with some extra baked pumpkin with coconut cream and spices added as a post work out meal or just add a bit of this to my next meal- again I am so used to limiting - skipping starches that to let myself eat them is not so easy ;)

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I still feel a bit like I'm cheating when I eat sweet potatoes, pumpkin or winter squashes, they are so yummy and something of a comfort food, so I definitely have to portion it out. Spaghetti squash is a good one too and (less starchy also)  I can eat a LOT of that!  :)   Especially with some fire-roasted tomatoes, black olives and a little olive oil - YUM!   I am afraid to buy coconut cream - might be a trigger for me???  I do use coconut oil often and I don't dig into that, but how is the coconut cream, is it sweet at all, like cashew butter?


Erica, sounds like we all have days like that.  But at least you caught yourself in your own safety net and didn't go AWAY from your GOAL!!!  YAY!  One more notch in your success!


Going to the farmer's market today to get some farm fresh eggs, milk (for the boys) & veg!!!!!!  Hope you all have a sweet Hump Day! :)

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Happy hump day to you, too, green! 

It's feeling like a Tiger's Blood kinda day. But I'm trying to be at peace with it. I need to stop letting the highs get me high and lows get me low and try to be in the moment and know that everything will pass and that phases are part of life. There were a couple of difficult days there, and I really want to start accepting them instead of beating myself up and making it even worse than it needs to be.

So there's another goal! :)

Green, thanks for that Day15 post. Really helpful stuff to keep in mind, I'm really trying to keep my starchy veggies up! I've also had a plantain a couple of these past few days and that has been awesome. God, they're good fried in coconut oil.

Oh coconut cream...I say don't do it. Very much on the nut butter level. Soooo good, though! Sweet and coconutty and delicious on a spoon, in my mouth, in my belly! It is good fat, and less phytates than nut butters...but still It's the psychological response thing that it the dangerous part. 

Are any of you taking any supplements? If so, which ones? I think I want to start taking magnesium and/or cod liver oil. The oil's especially pretty expensive, I'm on kind of a tight budget these days, especially with my kind of expensive eating habits :)

Hope you're all having wonderful weeks!

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you are right about the coconut cream Molly! I decided to only use it to add to some dishes if I need some extra fat/flavour, the trick is not to have it as a treat - indeed, too yummy!!

supplements- I only take cod liver oil a teaspoon a day at the moment and 1 magnesium (for muscles and sleep)

it's a huge subject and I find it quite confusing but also just don't want the expense of lots of supplements


now that I am past the first whole30 I am trying to be more relaxed but still stick to the rules- I need those ;) I just don't want food to become the biggest "issue" in my day so am focusing more on enjoying other things in life....and not using food to cope with stress (which will always be there in some form or other)



and now I am off to meet friends for lunch, tomorrow I have a mountain bike ride planned with my local women friends, the weather is good, spring has sprung, life is good here!

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Molly, yes phases are part of life, hopefully the foods that you are nourishing your body with will help with the highs and lows after the change has had a chance to fully take effect in your blood.  

OK, I have decided NOT to get the coconut cream, it could be a "dream", but I think for me it would be a nightmare  :(

As far as supplements, I take Dr. Fuhrman multi-vitamin, Vital Choice fish oil capsules, and at night I take NutriKey Magnesium glycinate (the most absorbable form), like you Erica - for muscles to relax and for sleep; and Dr. Ohirra's Probiotic.  These are the key ones that I feel are necessary for me and I do well with.  I have chosen these brands after careful research to get the most out of what I ingest and to get the best value.

Erica, so it's Spring in New Zealand?  That's funny to think about, since it's turning into Fall here in the States, ha!  Hope you had a delightful lunch and visit, It's always good to meet up with friends - somehow the busy-ness of life gets in the way of doing that often enough.  Mountain bike ride!  Oh how I wish I could do THAT!! :)   ENJOY filling your lungs with that FRESH AIR!


Eats have been great, lots of veggies and good meats.  Day 19 and I can tell that my body feels a little smaller now and my face has also changed for the better - less puffy.  I am tempted to go to the garage and get my scale...but no, no, no, I'm not going to give in.  I will wait to weigh and measure until I have done 30 and then wait again until completing 60.  


I'm excited about tomorrow - I get to do a 5K with my 11 yo son for the first time.  I started running about 5 yrs ago, but last year I transitioned to HIIT bike-riding instead (easier on the body) for cardio.  So, I know my time-result won't be great, but the opportunity for us to do this together is what I'm psyched about!  Neither of us are doing it to WIN, just to get out there with others and do our best.  At this event last year after the race, they had, GET THIS...pizza, donuts, bagels and sub sandwiches to offer all of the competitors!  Now is that ANTI-nutrition or what?  UGGGHHH!  I of course like those foods, but now that I know how detrimental to my health they are, they will not be passing my lips.  They also offer water bottles - YAY! and some fruit, but I'll have my own breakfast.

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Hey ladies!  Happy Monday! (Day 22 for me, and getting the hang of this lifestyle)  ;) Hope you had a great weekend, mine was very eventful, so it's good to have Sunday to regroup a bit and now back on Monday to chatting with you.  Well, I did 5K with my son and it turned out to be a fun experience for the two of us.  He gets a pain in his side every time he runs, so we ran/walked and came in at 47 minutes.  (I'm going to experiment with giving him a potassium supplement and see if it helps his side-ache).  It was a very enjoyable path on USA (Univ S. Alabama) campus with hills and trees and ponds, and the weather was a little coudy and breezy so we couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  In fact when we got back I washed the cars too, since it was so pleasant outside.  He said he would consider doing another 5K next year   :)


On the 1hr 15 minute drive there, I ate my bfast (chicken breast mixed up with sweet potato, plus bell peppers, I forgot the fat).  In the past, I would not have thought of that as breakfast, but now it is perfectly natural   ;) YAY!  Definite progress!  Most mornings I have sautee'd veggies wilted spinach or kale and  3 eggs in coconut oil.  Sometimes I want a green smoothie with whey protein but I'm staying away from the whey until I complete the Whole 60, then may reintroduce.


Last week I was able to purchase grass-fed and finished beef from a local farmer, who even delivered it to me!!! I am so pleased!  I got 10 lb. of ground for $7/lb. and a huge bag of bones for making stock.  My freezer supply is replenished!


Molly, are you at your 60 day point now?  and did your visitors come that you mentioned would be visiting mid-Sept?  

Love to hear how you are all doing...


I read this and wanted to share:

  • It takes, on average, 66 days to form a habit.
  • It can take up to 8 months for a complicated habit to take hold.
  • Most habits run through three checkpoints—30, 90, and 365 days—before they become truly automatic.
  • Missing a day or two here or there does not reduce the chance of forming a habit.
  • The first few days of your new habit are the most important to be diligent about

Also, that at 30 days, when you think you've mastered the cravings, they rear their ugly head, but as long as we're prepared and know ahead, we can slay it!   ;)

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Hi Ladies!  I hope you are all doing well, my life has been CRAZY the last two weeks, back to school is killer!  I don't know how working moms do it, now that I have two kids in real school and another one at home it is A LOT to balance, remember, pack, plan, etc, etc, etc!  


Reading the post from Greeninpace about habits I have to say I totally agree and think that I have done a darn good job keeping up with Whole 30 despite all of the chaos at home.  I am still cooking paleo meals for myself, and adding some other items for the family as needed.  I have not added in any gluten, but I have tested dairy and I have found I can tolerate heavy whipping cream and whipped cream, but regular milk or cheese makes me sick to my stomach.  I also had peanut butter once and that also was not good.  I had corn on a few occasions and found that I am very bloated after so in terms of grains in the future I am going to stick to rice and potatoes.


Erica - I am with you on moving on from all of the focus on food, I don't like being so obsessed, but I do like being aware.  I find that the better I eat the better I can turn down the sugar and refined foods.


Molly - you are doing some real soul searching and I encourage you to keep at it.  There is a place you can get to where you don't obsess about food and your body so much - I have found that the best way to get there is to focus on having fun.  When my life lacks excitement and fun things I look to candy and a bag of chips a lot more often.


Have a great week everyone!!!  

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Life has been a little crazy with plans going in unexpected ways.  For a stay-at-home mom, I sure don't get as much time at home as one would think! But at least I am able to take care of business to make the rest of the family's life smoother, and I am indeed grateful to be able to do that.  And very grateful to still stay on plan with eats and exercise :) I want to share a recipe with you that I tried yesterday and thought it was yummy enough to pass on to you ladies.  It says "serves 4" but I modified it for one.and used one full can of sardines.  I tried sardines for the first time last year and I do like them and can simply eat them right out of the can (with olive oil).  If you haven't tried them, you may like to start with this.  BTW, they don't taste fishy...like I thought they would.:

Sardine Greek Salad
Serves 4

3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
3 medium roma tomatoes, cut into large chunks
1 large cucumber, cut into large chunks

1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion
4 tablespoons sliced Kalamata olives
1 head romaine lettuce (about 1 pound), trimmed of tough stems and torn into bite-sized pieces
2 4-ounce cans sardines with bones, packed in olive oil, drained

Whisk lemon juice, oil, garlic, oregano and pepper in a large bowl until well combined. Add tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion and olives; gently toss to combine. Divide the salad among 4 plates and top with sardines.

LMK if you try it and what you thought.

Confession, I had a taste of pb this AM after I stirred the brand new jar of natural pb up for my son.  I wiped off the excess on the inside of the jar, but then it smelled so fresh so I licked the residual off of the stir knife.  It tasted good (I've always been a pb lover) but I was not tempted to partake of any more.  One thought that came to me was: "hmmm this needs some raisins to go with it" but It was a very fleeting THOUGHT and then it was gone, with no ACTION...YAY!  I don't think it's a smart idea to put myself in the path of temptation, but I was glad that I resisted the "MORE" aspect of it.  

Lunch was leftover ground beef with sautee'd peppers & onions w/spicy mustard.  I had 2 leaves of lettuce left so I spooned some into it like a wrap also.  I have shredded some cabbage and will cook it up tonight with some chicken breast and apple-cider vinegar.  I love the organic balsamic vinegar but I think I have linked it to having excess phlegm making me clear my throat (minor but still a little bothersome).

Hope this isn't too wordy.  I guess I use it kind of like a journal...You all have a wonderful Whole 9 kind of evening...and go try some sardines!! :D 

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hello all, it's nice to read your stories and thoughts, it's always interesting to me!


I have been relaxing my rules a little around eating, but the funny thing is that I mostly am inclined to stick with the 3 meals a day set up.

I had a piece of gluten free almond cake in the weekend when my husband and I were out together and it was more to see how it would feel than that I really wanted it...it was ok, not wonderful ;)

some of the things I used to like are now not tempting my at all, peanut butter, corn chips and I am even doing good on the nutbutters but there will always be some things I will have to limit, I am sure.

I love anything coconut and the coconut cream is too tempting!


I have been thinking a lot about my exercise routine and currently am walking rather than running, which is a bit hard as I had got somewhat addicted to running- ran my first half marathon last year but with all that running did not seem to help much in controlling weight. Menopause is happening this year, things are changing and I am wanting to support my body in this.

I have got back to doing weights, which feels good and when I mountainbiked up the hill last weekend was (secretly) pleased to see how much easier this was for me than for some of my younger friends ;)


This weekend will be 4 days away in the city with my husband and son and lots of eating out- I am just going to do the best  I can and not fret about it, having fun is good and after that it will be back to regularity again...


take care of yourselves everyone

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HI Everyone - good to hear your updated!


Erica - nice work biking and I think you approach to a weekend of eating out is a perfect one. I find out that I each much more normally on vacation when my options are limited, I run into trouble when I find myself in my kitchen at night tired, bored!  those are not not options in a hotel room!


Green - thanks for the recipe, I will try it....sardines are bigger than I thought they would be.  I tried them once a few weeks ago, they were ok, my husband likes them and my little kids loved them. 


The last week I have been thinking a lot about how I want to use this information and live my life into the future.  I find that I can tolerate food much better when I sit down to eat and take time, so that is my new focus...how I eat vs what I eat.  It is MUCH easier to focus on the food on the plate vs where I eat the plate!  I love distractions and have a million excuses for why I can't sit down....all of those reasons I am going to go battle with and just get my tail in a chair.  Last night I sat down for the first time all week, that was a big success.


take care everyone!

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I truly enjoy reading about your experiences & thoughts too.  Being part of this forum has helped me by knowing there are others out there striving for the same goals and overcoming challenges.  


Molly, are you OK?  Haven't heard from you in a while???


Erica,  I bet that was exhillarating to see your body work like you want it to going up those hills (and to beat the younger ones hehehe!)  Sounds like you're getting to a good point in your journey of being able to relax a bit and not fall into old cravings.  How was your weekend away?


Life is very busy lately so haven't had a chance to write much but I'm doing very well, staying on-plan.  Almost to my 30-day!!

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HI! I tried to write yesterday, but it didn't work and I gave up. Anyway, yes I'm ok, thanks for asking!


The past week was hosting various family and friends and cooking delicious food and hanging out. I am officially done with Whole30land, but only addeed things like dark chocolate, butter, bacon that probably had nitrites and/or sugar, etc. I feel good, though, and still about 95% Whole.


I know there will be ups and downs to come, such is life. But I feel like the rest is just fine-tuning, it'll happen in phases and this life-long journey of finding how to be the best human I can be will continue. Still a lot to work on. Bring it on! I need to keep on meditating and working on taking deep breaths and taking things lightly. Love myself...that's the biggest one!


I am so proud of all of us. This has been such a great support network. And will continue to be :)


Still no period...not sure about that. I officially skipped one, which is the 1st time ever. I'm trying not to be too disconcerted by that. And I'll go to a doc if I skip the next one.


Yay for almost being done with your 30 days green!


Yay for eating delicious, healthy food!

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Hi everyone!


Molly - I am right there with you, STILL no period...and that is after addding in a lot more non-whole 30 food...quinoa, dairy, chocolate a bit of gluten and sugar, and rice/ peat protein powder to make morning shakes with kale and other good things.  My body feels stuck and I was trying to give it some of the old food to see if that helped move things along.   I have now skipped two...it all started immedately with the Whole 30, so I know that has something to do with it.  I have done reading and it is tied to weight loss....I have not lost a single pound in this process, I might have moved to being more of a fat metabolizer...that is the only cause I can think of.


Everyone is doing so well, that is just awesome to see!


As I just wrote I added back a good amount of non-whole 30 food and I have to say I can defintiely see/ feel the impact.  I ate a fair amount of sugar over the weekend and it makes me dizzy and anxious.  I have been having trouble falling asleep and I wonder if it is from the chocolate...yesterday I ate a pretty good amount.   I want to go back to feeling good again so I am going to work to tighten things up....but I have seen on these boards that the second time around it is harder to stay on track/ focused.  I like the idea that some of you post saying you are 95% whole 30...that is pretty darn good!!

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Molly - so good to hear from you.  Glad you had a good time with family and friends, that's good for the soul  ;)   and you didn't veer to much off -plan - that is IMPRESSIVE!!  WTG - big pat on the back for ya!  Sounds like you struggle with stress and finding stress relief.  That's good that you take time to meditate.  I found some guided meditation on Itunes that is short and helpful.  I still haven't incorporated into daily living yet, but I do want to and it is a goal of mine too.


It is a strange correlation between eating clean and missing periods.  I have experienced that in the past also.  From what I understand, when you eat good, it helps your hormones to regulate the way they're supposed to, so maybe it takes a few months for things to even out as your body gets used to the nutrients it's getting.   Since today is my Day 30, I haven't missed a period as I had it shortly after starting the Whole 30.  So, we'll see what happens in the next month.  I am going to continue on for another 30 just because I think I need to cement the psychological part of it a little more into my being.  Then, the first thing I want to reintroduce is whey protein.  I like to have it sometimes for breakfast as part of a green smoothie, just to get everything in my body in a quick and portable (if necessary) way.


Amy - interesting how you can directly feel what food is doing to your body!  Sugar - dizzy and anxious, hard to fall asleep, I believe it.  Over the recent past, I've learned a lot about the effect of sugar - and it's NOT GOOD.  Amazing that a legal substance can be so harmful, HA!  For me, it makes me hot when I'm sleeping and therefore disrupts my sleep and I wake up sweaty.  I think I'm going to stick to the Whole 30 with very few exceptions, since I went off plan last time (after a Whole 60) and it was because of celebrations, I gave in and then it just snowballed.  I can see  myself falling into over-doing it all too easy.  This is my second time around and it hasn't been any more difficult this time, in fact, maybe a little easier because I'm more familiar with it.  Feeling great and actually surprised that it's been 30 days already  :P   So keep going, it will get easier.  Especially as you try some different recipes that truly have a great satisfying flavor  :)


Stay strong ladies and let's be GOOD to ourselves!  I'm going to continue on this forum with you all because I feel it has really helped me to stay focused.  So thankful! :D

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Day 31:  I just weighed in at 129 with clothes on.  That means I lost 6 lbs.  Not huge, but I'll take it.  I keep reminding myself that slow and steady is perfect for long term results.  As long as I'm going in the right direction   :)   Also, I forgot to do my body measurements before I got dressed, in the past, that has been a more dramatic difference than the scale tells.  Will try to remember to do that tomorrow.


My skin looks clear and glowing.  Can wear some clothes that were previously too tight.  Overall results are making me feel very happy and that this lifestyle IS clearly working for me.  The only thing that isn't great is my sleep.  Sometimes I wake up during the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep.  I have tried melatonin and it doesn't make much of an impact except for feeling groggy in the am (but the dosage may be too much - 5mg).  I wonder if it could be blood sugar crashing.  A podcast I listen to is called Nutritional Weight and Wellness and those ladies know a lot about nutrition.  They don't teach paleo eating per se, but very close (lots of veggies, protein and good fats) and one thing they recommend is eating a snack before bed of a healthy fat with a small amount of fruit to help keep blood sugar level during the night.  They say that a significant blood sugar drop during the night can wake you up.  I may try it.  BTW, their website is http://www.weightandwellness.com and it is a very good resource for nutrition.


Gotta go now and pick up our son's car that's finally been repaired.


TTFN! (TaTaForNow - by Tigger)

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Green - CONGRATS, those are wonderful results!!!  That is amazing...you definitely improved many areas of your life and your body!  Sleeping for me was defintiely better while doing whole30....but coming off of it I am back to having trouble.  I take melatonin sometimes, I don't need much, I think my tablets are 5mg, but I bite off about 1/3 of the pill and take that about 20 minutes before I want to go to sleep.  It helps me a lot.  I agree 5mg is too much.


So what are your post whole30 plans other than the wehy protien?  Just curious...what brand do you use?


Today is ok for me, back to the sleeping topic.  I am buckling down on my eating more this week trying to sleep better and lose a few pounds.  I was eating dark chocolate at night...and I think that was the problem for me.

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I remembered to take my measurements today and I;have to say, I am pleased!  Waist: 29.5, Bust 36.5", Hips: 36.5", thighs: 21", calves: 13.25", neck: 12.75", bicep (down at side): 10" (flexed: 11.75).  This represents a loss of 10.5"  WOOHOO!  The minor rosacea that I had is also gone, which just dawned on me today!  :)   I know that weight loss isn't the biggest push of ISWF but is sure is nice to have my body react well to this way of eating and I feel like I'm allowing it to come back to homeostasis.  Another 30 and I am excited to see what other improvements I will see.  

Then I will maybe do the reintro plan outlined in the book.  The Whey protein I use is Wellness Whey Protein by Nutrikey, which I think is from grass fed cows.  I am going to look for another recommended brand also.

Amy - how did you do for sleeping when you skipped the dark chocolate?

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hi all, I have been busy too - a weekend away and the catching up on work- a concert in which I sang a solo- all good stuff!

another good mountain bike ride...

the weekend away was my first time trying some different foods again and that didn't go down so well- yuck! definitely have to stay off sugar, chocolate and even dairy! I has some very very nice sushi too but no! was constipated for 2 days after that weekend.....


the funny thing is that I had a "real" period again just recently , the first one in a while (am 50 and things are changing....) that was odd!


I am now back to good old paleo eating, not exactly whole 30, as I will have some bacon (free range) with a some sugar in it, and the odd snack (compliant) but not so different. I know I am best when not snacking at all, tried it by having small amounts of dark chocolate or something like that after dinner but to me it still means the brakes are off, so NO NO NO!


re sleep- does anyone use magnesium? that seems to be helping me- only supplements I take are codliver oil and magnesium.


keep up your lovely posts ladies, it's really good to know others are doing this and I am not just being overly pedantic and strange!

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Hey Erica!  Good to hear from you - the good and the bad!!  That's good that you are finding out specifically what foods cause you trouble.  Yes, those periods are an odd thing for me too, I never know when it's coming for sure.  I have found in general that when I have been eating a lot of sugar, it is much heavier and when I'm eating clean, it's MUCH lighter, so I guess that's another plus!

Magnesium - I take Magnesium Glycinate before bed, but it doesn't seem to be helping with sleep.  I was recommended to try Natural Calm magnesium citrate instead, so I'm going to look for that and try it.


It is truly amazing to me, how much vegetables I eat!  The fridge was full just a few days ago and today it was empty!  Just spent $50 at the grocery store for mostly fresh veg!  I'm not complaining because I know it is money well spent and an investment in my and my family's health, but it just surprises me sometimes.  I'm excited to try some Bok Choy.  I've seen it in several recipes and keep seeing it listed in different places as one of the best veggies for the nutrition.  So I bought a huge "bunch"? of it for only $1.20!!!  Now I have to locate the recipes! Ha!  

   Today as i was going to do some chores at my MIL's house, I knew I would be gone for several hours and over lunch, so it was so easy to pack my lunch quickly - a can of sardines, a bag of carrots & black olives and an apple...just in case.  It worked!  I got full and had plenty of energy.  I really am loving not needing snacks and feeling fine until the next meal!!

    I want to get a paleo cookbook, but there are a few that I want to look at first before buying: Practical Paleo, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, Paleo Breakfasts and Lunches on the Go, Well Fed, Against All Grain, Modern Cave Girl (to be released soon).  Does anyone have any of these?  I plan on going to Barnes & Noble bookstore to take a look and then probably order one on Amazon since they are considerably cheaper there.

   Hope you are all doing well and i look forward to hearing about your ongoings!  :)

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Hi Ladies!
All the talk about periods...I have yet to have mine, last one was July 20th before I started my Whole 30....I am starting to get a little concerned.


I have taken Natural Calm...I did not find that it helped me much with sleep, but it did help me feal more calm initatlly.  I causes loose stools, so I was not a fan of that...even a small amount caused it.  But if you have constipation you should definitely give it a try!


I have looked at cookbooks as well and want to get one.  I think I would get Everyday Paleo family....I think it was Practical Paleo that I bought that I did not like and gave it to a friend.  It had a lot of weird meats and bone recipes which I did not like.


I am doing ok, I am eating better again this week, I had a few lapses into the gluten and dairy world over the weekend and that was not good.  I had black beans last night and had major bloating....it is nice to be able to see the reactions and know where they are coming from, vs just "feeling bad".   I am working more these days on not snacking and controling my post-work eating...that is not pretty, even if it does involve paleo foods.  I am not sure why but getting me to sit down to dinner (while my kids eat at the kitchen island) like so hard for me.  I start "picking" at things and call it dinner after I have, two scoops of almond butter, a handful of carrots, a small salad, two strips of grilled chicken, half of an avocado (that was last night).  It ends up being close to a real meal....but the food was not on a plate, I was not sitting down and I was not calm.  I would LOVE any advice from you ladies on how to improve that.


Have a great week everyone!!

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Hello, everyone!  I'm going to officially jump on the "more-than-Whole30" bandwagon.  I finished my first Whole30 (after multiple restarts in early August) on September 15th.  And then immediately re-upped my Whole30 daily the next day (I've found it helps me with accountability, so worth the $$$).  So today is Day 45 of my Whole-whatever. 


@Greeninpace:  The 2 paleo cookbooks I have are Well Fed & Primal Cravings and I recommend them both highly.  Well Fed is my favorite; Primal Cravings is great, but does have recipes that are not Whole30 compliant, so just check.  I really, really rely on Well Fed & will get the new one when it comes out, along with nomnompaleo.com's cookbook when it comes out. 

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re cookbooks- I really like Well Fed, practical and yummy

I also use practical Paleo and like it too- has lots more info in it than just a cook book- bit like Starting with Food

I have Mark Sissons's 3 books, primal easy meals, primal meals and the sauces/dressing one.

they are all good value as really simple and practical, he does use some dairy at times but easy to change that- very good for working mums this one!


Amy- giving yourself permission to sit down and eat seems to be hard for a lot of us! I find I always have so much to do I multitask a lot and that includes with meals- I too am on a mission to try not to do that and give myself permission to relax and enjoy the food!


does anyone hear listen to the Balanced bites podcasts? I like the female perspective here and last night listened to a July 2012 episode with a very interesting women called Stefani (she has the paleo for women website) on women's health, emotional eating and body image

I recommend it.....it's about forgiven yourself ladies. Her website is worth a check too ;)

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Thanks for the cookbook reviews/recommendations.  I listened to a podcast with Stacy Toth of Paleo Parents, she wrote the book "Eat Like a Dinosaur", a paleo cookbook geared toward young children.  My youngest is 11, so I think I'll just try some of their recipes on their website...has anyone heard of her?


I listen to Balanced Bites and enjoy it as well.  I'll have to go look for that episode on Itunes, sounds beneficial.  I agree that the website is definitely helpful too.  I find it helpful to read about or listen to podcasts about paleo lifestyle every day.  At least for now, I need that constant reinforcement.


It IS a challenge to sit down and not multi-task while eating, Amy you're not alone.  For me however, dinner is actually the one meal when I always do sit down to the table with the family.  It's just how we've always done it.  I whole-heartedly encourage you to at least make it happen for one meal of the day.  One thing that helps me is carving out time for Pre-Preparation, so that when meal time rolls around, it doesn't always require starting from scratch.  


@ thewyrdwoman:  Way To Go - continue on!  I found that the Whole Daily really helped me too, I just finished my Whole 30 on Sept 23.

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Hi everyone,

Wrdwoman. I love the idea of joining the whole 30 and getting the emails, so much so that I signed up again to recommit myself. Makes such a difference.

I appreciate the words that others have trouble sitting down to eat, at times I really don't permit myself to eat, I make a plate for for everyone else but myself.

I think I might go a head and get Well Fed, I have heard great things about it. I have not listened to any of the podcasts that were mentioned, I am going to look into those. Also, I have three small kids so the kid friendly cookbook might also be good.

Things are going well for me, I am working on cooking again. I was not doing the best job planning meals for the last few weeks, but I am back on it now!

Green - what new foods have you added in now? How are you feeling?

Molly - hope you are ok, we have not heard from you in a while!

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