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Going for Whole60, would love a buddy


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Hey, everyone!  Just checking in - Day 47 for me & the process/prep/planning is getting a little easier.  It is still a bit hard for me to get my low-fat, vegetarian mind around "meat & fat is okay" sometimes, though. 


I must say I was disappointed at the end of my Whole30 that I had not lost ONE. SINGLE. OUNCE.  But the clothes are getting looser & people are commenting on the weight loss, so I must be building muscle as the fat goes.  And other things continue to gradually improve, like bowel function, digestion, joint pain & stiffness, sugar cravings, etc.  Since I have chronic major health issues these things are a big bonus, so I'll continue on for a 60, maybe longer.


Have a great day everyone!

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Whew, what a whirlwind week and weekend!  Today was my hubby's last day of vacation and it was, unfortunately, a "working vacation",  we got a TON accomplished, but am glad to get back to normal tomorrow.  However, the dryer went on the fritz Friday and haven't been able to do any laundry, so tomorrow the repair man comes, hopefully it's quick and cheap!  ;)   Well, the good news is that amidst this time of un-routine, I was completely able to eat on Whole 30 plan!!!  and there were 2 days where we were so busy I didn't get a chance to eat lunch, but I still had the energy to keep on going...while not starving!  LOVE IT!!!   I am doing another Whole 30 back to back from when i finished my first which was 9/23, so I'm on day 44 - haven't reintroduced anything yet, but I am planning on a protein powder as the first thing to reintroduce, because sometimes that is faster to make when I'm short on time for bfast or lunch and would like to use it in a green smoothie from time to time.  Oh and Sunday we had a family get together here that I cooked for, so I made a pork roast, big veggie tray, pasta salad and baked beans with brownies for dessert and they brought pumpkin bundt cake.  Well, I ate the meat and veg - that is IT!! When they asked if I don't like the desserts, I stuck up for myself and simply explained that I like it, I just choose not to eat it.  And that was that, no more questions.  It was that simple.  Feeling empowered!! :D


Amy - WTG on food prep!


Wyrd - clothes fit is so much better of a measurement...and compliments TOO!!  :D NICE!

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Yeah, the boards are back!!!  I was feeling so lost for the last week, I have had so much to share!!


After get this, THREE MONTHS, I finally got my period last Friday.  It was the shortest, easiest and least painful period I think I have ever had.  Many years ago I was really into chinese medicine and one of the things I learned is that you can tell your health by your cycle, it should come on quickly and leave quickly...none of this on and off mess.  Well that was just how mine was, and for the first time ever I honestly forgot I even had it since I was not in pain.   The change in my diet definitely made a difference.


I started another Whole30 last week, but I was not fully committed until yesterday, so that is what I am calling my new start day.   My goals this time around are very different, my #1 - eat without distractions.   This means sitting, talking with others, thinking to myself....no books, computers, ipads, phones, mail, phone....no walking, organizing, sorting, cleaning, driving etc.  Just sitting and eating!  This is a HUGE breakthrough for me already.  I noticed this morning that I did not like the taste of the omelet that I got at the diner....so I did not finish it.  I noticed that after lunch I am very full without finishing my meal sometimes.  It is hard to keep my mind focused and not get into other tasks, but so far so good.


Also, I started taking the Natural calm again.  One of my kids has been out of sorts lately and I saw it on the counter and thought, she might benefit from a little "calming" so I gave her a little bit.   I honestly think it makes a difference, one of the things it is good for is balancing calcium intake....and my kids definitley eat a fair amount of dairy/ calcium.  So I started to take it again, taking more of it than I was last time...and I have been sleeping better.


Green - you are doing so awesome, so proud of you!!  Day 44, impressive.  I love your response to the sweets, honesty is the best.  I was just thinking today about why I have so much trouble saying 'I don't want that just because I don't want it'...instead of feeling that I need to make up a reason, ie - allergy, gluten problem, diet, etc


Wyrd - I did not lose any weight either, it was the first time I had ever gone that long without weighing, so I was really hoping to see something on the scale.  Since then I have tossed my scale, FOR GOOD!  It has been the most amazing expereince.  It has been almost 2 weeks now and I honestly think I have lost weight, but I have no idea.  My pants fit different and my stomach looks flatter, but I will never know!  At the end of the day I was addicted to the scale, that number determined how I felt about myself for the day....lower was always better. Even when I was very, very thin at one point in my life I still wanted the number to be lower, no number was ever good enough.  Instead of thinking back on my day about what I did, how I treated people etc, I evaluated the day by how low the number on the scale was, lower meant it was a good day and I was "good".  How crazy is that?  Now in the evening I think about the scale (out of habit) and instead think about my day, what I accomplished, how I ate, how I treated my body and that is what determines things...not a crazy number.  I am not sure where you are, but I am really at a fine weight, and I am slowly accepting it and moving on with life...there are better things for me to think about than a crazy number.


Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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Amy ~ Nice period!! That's the way I like them too!  Last week I think I may have had mine :unsure:  One day I felt mild cramps and had a miniscule amount of what might have been a period for a day and half...hoping that was it!! and let's hope the pattern continues  :)   Good for you for letting go of the SCALE Mentality!!!  It is such a downer and we are so much healthier mentally without it!  Mine stays in the garage and I only take it down once/month to weigh.  Eventually I hope to not even need to do that.  I'm getting there...I put some clothes on this weekend that I haven't worn for quite a while and they fit!  I'm not to my desired body shape yet, but I figure a couple more months and I'll be there - Christmas pics will be good this year  ;)


I did my first Mud Run 5K yesterday and it was a blast!!!!  I definitely want to do it again, maybe an annual thing.  I did it with 2 other ladies and it would be even more fun with a bigger group.  My 11 yo son did the kid's 1 mile muddy run and he was disappointed that it only had 4 obstacles since I had told him about the one I did that had 10 obstacles.  Next year he'll be too old for the kid's so hopefully he can do the regular one with me!  The only injuries I sustained was a scrape on my forehead from the rope net I rolled down and some scratches on my right shin - no twisted ankles or anything like that - YAY!


Today for dinner I made 2 new recipes - one from "Against all Grain" - Coconut Lime Cauliflower "rice", and one from Diane Sanfillipo - Sweet & Spicy Ginger chicken.  They were delicious and even more so eaten together.  The whole family liked it, my sons even more than my hubby ~ ha!  One happy Whole 30 meal down the hatch :)


Hope you all have a great day!

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I would join in here too! I finish my Whole 30 on Oct 23rd! That's right on que with you! I was thnking I need to do this longer.


I'm losing some wt and feeling better in my clothes. I don't really notice any health type benefits tho. I was feeling pretty good before I began I guess.


I'm way past menopause and so glad to not have all you guys bloating and period problems! But it makes weight gain so easy and weight LOSS very hard! 


I do notice that I don't want to snack like I was doing before! I don't mean to knock Weight Watchers but I did that for yrs and I just kept putting weight on and a tiny bit off...and then overall got heavier. I think it taught me terrible eating habits compared to this! I was eating something all the time.


I love making my own Mayo! Lots of other good things too that I never attempted before. It seems there's so much more cooking, but once I get the hang of it, it will be old hat. I just ordered a hand blender with chopping attachments and I can't wait!


Looking forward to checking in with you all....

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Hi dfleming!!  and welcome to chatting it up with us  :)   Feeling good in your clothes is such a wonderful thing to experience, isn't it?  Mayo - yes, thanks for reminding me, I just used the last of mine and need to make a note to make more today.  I'm curious about your handblender with attachments...what brand and model is it?  I recently bought a chopper that is like a Chop Wizard and it really saves me a lot of time and gets the veggies chopped uniformly, so far really love it, but I'd like to hear about your new "toy" too.

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@Green:  Wow!  I so want to do a mud run; currently struggling with training for my second full marathon December 1st.  Struggling is the key word here - subjectively, I feel like I am having a really hard time.


But -- the overall run times keep creeping down & the post-run soreness is very minimal, so something is going on.  Still working my way through Dr. Cordain's Paleo for Athletes book, and wondering when I will get to the fat-burning accommodation since I still have an abundance of it to burn. As an adult onset athlete, I need to allow myself more time, so I will keep tweaking my pre-and-post-run foods and paying attention to my body. =)


Planning to postpone my reintro phase until early next month, even though I'll hit Day 60 on Wednesday.  I will be away from home for the weekend of the marathon and I'd like to know in advance which off-plan items are easier for my body to accommodate.  My take on the Whole30 is that the benefits accruing from this way of eating are so worthwhile, I'm thinking/hoping off-plan occurrences will be infrequent.

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Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Professional-style 


This is what I ordered. I haven't got it yet. I had to make more mayo with the blender today! I swear it's going to blow up and it's not been used very often. 


I'm having trouble today wanted to munch. I haven't tho. Just an apple. I have been waiting to hear if I'm getting hired in an awesome OB/GYN office that everyone wants to work at. My wonderful DIL works there. She tries not to butt in but she's pretty sure I'm getting hired. They just aren't hurrying to call me and it's torture! I really thought I would get a call today, then as the day went on I began to get kind of sad I guess. I have to pick myself up here and make some soup for supper.


I am not all athletic sounding like you guys sound. Yikes! Hope that's OK here.


Are you guys doing OK today? 


My name is Deb



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@Deb:  Welcome & don't worry about the athletic thing.  I'm not an athlete - I'm an about-turn-60 fat lady working on getting stronger, fitter & less fat! 


I officially had 60 days yesterday and today is supposed to be the start of reintro, but I am going to postpone for a couple more weeks to keep up the progress. 


The improvements have been pretty amazing; best news is Hg A1C (long-term measurement related to blood sugar) is down from 5.8 to 5.3!  For a test with a "normal" range of 4-7 (lower is better), that is damn fine for a couple of months.  My skin and nails have improved, overall energy is better and more stable, I'm sleeping more (still have the sleep apnea thing going on, but that may take time).  Being satisfied with my meals and not feeling ravenous after dinner is such a blessing.


On the downside, I still struggle with wanting "a little something" after dinner, although I have eliminated eating fruit separately, but I do include a little in cooking sometimes for the flavor accents.


My reintro plan will pretty much mimic the one in ISWF, with the exception of the gluten phase:

  • Day 1: Evaluate dairy, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30-compliant.
  • Day 4: Evaluate soy products (instead of gluten-containing grains), while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30-compliant. I make my own tofu, tempeh, natto & miso; the benefits could be significant enough to outweigh slight-to-moderate effects, so I want to break them out from the rest of legumes.  I've been gluten-free for a couple of years - it's actually how I discovered paleo - so no need to bother with that stuff. =)
  • Day 7: Evaluate non-gluten grains,while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30-compliant.
  • Day 10: Evaluate legumes, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30-compliant.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Deb, I took a look at that professional blender, it looks very versatile.  It's fun to get new kitchen equipment!  Yesterday I finally made the mayo and then for dinner I used it to make tartar sauce to go with the salmon patties (both recipes from  ISWF.  Love those!  My 11yo son ate 3 of them!!!  That's a real winner  :)   I also made fruit/nut balls (Paleo but not the best for Whole 30 because of the dried fruit) to take to a baby shower (raisins, a little water, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and cacao all ground up in a food processor) and made some for home too.  Son loved them as an after school snack and I also put them in his lunch today.  The bad part is...I ate about 10 of them during the course of the day...NOT GOOD...it stirred the sugar dragon...and I totally felt like I had it beat.  I remember reading from Melissa in one of the emails to expect the sugar dragon to raise it's head, but I honestly didn't feel like it would effect me.  It did - doggone it!!  Then I ate an apple with peanut butter...Feelling a little off, so I had a green smoothie for bfast instead of my normal protein & veg saute'.  Gotta get back on plan. Because I really wanted to do the reintro at the end of my 60. Encouragement welcome!


WAY TO GO WYRD!  60 days - down!!! YAY!

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@Green:  Where oh where is St. George when you really need a dragon-slayer?  I'm feeling your pain with that issue.  Just have to keep reminding myself that it took a lifetime to get me here, so it may take a little bit longer than a month or 2 to get back to normal.  Keep sticking (or re-sticking!) with it! 

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