August Whole30!


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I started my first Whole30 over a month ago, felt so good I just kept going. I'll be done with a Whole45 on July 19th. I'm going on vacation that day and plan to do some light imbibing, but I get back a couple of days before the August Whole30 starts and think that would be a great time to pick things back up. Overall I've done really well, however my emotional ties to sugar sometimes manifest through stuffing my face with fruit. I don't feel that I've gotten that entirely under control, which is the main reason I'm ready to keep at the Whole30. If you want a buddy to help you through it, let me know. I by no means have it all figured out, but I will sternly tell you to back away from the bakery window and go make a steak. If you haven't bought "It starts with food" yet, do so and immediately make a pan fried steak using the rub recipe they have in there. If the Whole30 doesn't change your life, that steak will.

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