Post W30- Coconut Sorbet!


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Hello all,


I'm POST Whole 30 (but staying as W30/Paleo as possible without being an oil nazi when out at restaurants) on vacation with the family and after a lovely salmon filet over a large salad at a restaurant, we went to the local ice cream and yogurt place. They had coconut (real coconut) sorbet so I got some. It was yummy, but I could only eat about 1/2 of the micro size!  before I would have been able to consume a ton of ice cream, but tonight I actually asked for a lid for my mini cup b/c there was still half of it left.  I probably only ate about 1/4 cup.  Their website says this about sorbet: "The sorbet has no fat and is dairy free. We have a philosophy of no sugar added to our products except for a few flavors where the addition of sugar is necessary for texture." I don't have a horrendous headache right now and I'm not craving a million things, so I'm thinking it didn't have much sugar in it.  Anyway, thanks to my Whole 30, I made a good choice for my treat and couldn't even finish it all.




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