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Day 3 - am I doing something wrong?


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Hi all, today is Day 3 for me and I'm still feeling good. I'm a little tired, but I always feel this way, so it's nothing new. I've been eating just 3 meals a day, drinking lots of water and feeling full nearly the entire day.


This is what I've been eating:

Breakfast - eggs, proscuitto, handful of veggies, piece of fruit, cup of coffee with coconut milk

Lunch - Big salad with lots of veggies, protein (tuna, chicken or proscuitto), olives, a few nuts, olive oil & vingegar for dressing

Dinner - Protein (chicken or fish), handful of veggies, sweet potato, peice of fruit


I eat a pretty big salad (love eating salads!) for lunch and I'm not hungry come dinner time at all, 4-5 hours later, though I still eat. Am I eating too much at lunch?


My sister and brother-in-law are doing this with me (we are all eating about the same thing) and they are feeling the same way.


Are we missing something here or doing something wrong? Just checking...


Thanks for the feedback!



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I don't think there's anything wrong with your lunch - I'd make sure your "handful" of vegies in meal 1&3 is 2-3 cups worth though (maybe at the expense of the fruit), and make sure you're having fat in every meal (you didn't mention any in meal 3)....have you tried eating less for lunch? You could perhaps leave out the nuts or olives?

I have to eat massive salads to feel satisfied - I have about 8 cups or more of greens and vegies!

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I'm cooking with olive oil, can't really stomach coconut oil. Does that count as fat? What else can I eat that is considered fat?


I did eat a smaller lunch yesterday and I was still pretty full, but will maybe take away the nuts or olives.

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Babs, you look fine. If you're feeling good and aren't hungry then you're doing okay!


Amber's right about Meal 3 though. Chicken isn't the fattiest protein source, so make sure you add some in cooking or on your veggies...but if you're full, I wouldn't worry about it.


Olive oil's fine for a fat, btw. You could try cooking with some animal fats: ghee, lard, schmaltz, tallow...any of those are great. You could also add some avocado into your salads if you wanted, but don't tweak things too much if you're feeling good.


How bad the first week is for folks usually depends on how they were eating before they started. If you had already cut out a lot of super processed, carb heavy foods that make up the SAD, your transition's going to be a lot easier.

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