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Starting today!!!!


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Hi everyone I'm starting whole 30 today, really excited about it and determined to stick to it. I have been primal on and off for a year now just need the determination to follow this through. I am really interested in nutrition and naturally enjoy healthy food my problem is I binge eat when I'm stressed which then wrecks havoc with my ibs which then makes me stressed and its a vicious circle! Anyway I have three children twins who are 6 and a nearly 3 year old. All my children have a rare chromosome disorder which effects their learning and development. My twins also have ADHD and are dairy and soya intolerant and suffer with anaemia. They also have inflammation which shows up on blood tests. I am going to give them the same foods as me but feel I can't ween them off their cereals and grains just yet, I know it would be better for them but I just feel they are already the odd kids out at parties etc i don't want to make life more difficult for them.

Right sorry for waffling on, I'm off to make our dinner. Had a lovely lunch of mixed vegetable and pork frittata with kale, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cooked on coconut oil yum! Luckily my boys love their meat and vegetables too. Going to make a minced beef dish for dinner out of the book.

Good luck to everyone else xx

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