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B Complex Vitamins


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Hi everyone.


I just officially started my Whole30 two days ago. I haven't been taking my B Vitamins (Solaray, B Complex 50, has rice bran concentrate in the ingredients) or my multivitamins (Rainbow Light Pre-Natal Tabs, has soy lecithin in the glaze). I am continuing to take my fish oil pills as they have no prohibited ingredients.

All that being said, I'd really like to continue taking a B vitamin as it keeps the bugs away from me. This is a big deal for me, so I'd like to keep it going. 


Can anyone recommend a Whole30-compliant B vitamin?


I have looked through the forum, searching, and I didn't find any recommendations for compliant Bs. 


(ps, I live in Phoenix, so although most places are starting to cool off, we're just getting less slightly stupid in heat so bugs are still a big concern)




(ETA - I've read the various pages about supplements and vitamins, but I didn't see anything about B vitamins specifically. I know I have a bit of a sensitivity to soy, so that's why I'm not just taking the multis I have. Rice is the one thing I've never cut out of my diet, so if I have a sensitivity to it, it seems like the tiny bit in the rice bran concentrate might still affect me. I don't think I have problems with rice, but I thought the same thing about wheat until I stopped eating it.)

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My local Sprouts didn't have any NOW B vitamins. I ended up getting a little bottle of Blue Bonnet B complex... the ingredient list was clean, and it wasn't super expensive.

Also, it seems that biotin is often extracted/sourced from rice. FYI. Many of the B complex pills, that bothered to say where the particular B vitamins came from, listed that the biotin came from rice or rice bran.

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