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I have always had a problem with having bowels. Not actually constipated, but I only actually go 1 or 2 times a month. I've been to the doctor, had tests done, and they say everything is normal. However, I have a problem losing weight, and I think this has a lot to do with it. My stomach always feels bloated and heavy. My first Whole 30 was in January, and the first 2 weeks, I was having bowels daily!  My stomach had never felt better!  Then after two weeks, everything went back to normal. After the Whole 30 was over, I did not go back to sodas, and my grain intake was EXTREMELY little (like maybe a sandwich a week at most). I did go back to snacking, but never went overboard like I did prior to Whole 30. Well, I started my second Whole 30 on August 1st, and my bowels have not changed. It's August 21st, and I've only had 1 bowel this month!  My doctor told me not to worry about it because he's already done many tests and doesn't find anything. I am concerned because my stomach shouldn't feel this way!  Any advice?

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Not actually constipated, but I only actually go 1 or 2 times a month.


I'd say that's pretty darn constipated!


I'd also say that you need a new doctor. If you're that blocked up, something IS wrong, regardless of what tests he's run.


The usual suggestions for constipation are: magnesium supplements, bone broth, Betaine HCl supplement, digestive enzymes, and a low-FODMAPs diet. But I think your case is pretty extreme and would really strongly suggest that you go see a GI doctor and find someone who will work with you rather than brushing you off.

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I would also seek a second opinion.  Even if for no other reason than to ease your mind.  In my experience as a nurse, some people aren't aware of symptoms they're having because their body has always run that way... you know?  Who knows though, maybe nothing is going on, but I'd still seek a second source.  Best wishes.  :)

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