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Sleep Changes

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I'm on day 5 and already feeling a lot of relief from so many digestive issues I've been having for YEARS. 


However, last night and the night before I woke up very early (around 4:30-5am).  Wide awake, brain a-buzzing.  Both nights I went to bed around 11:00pm, and I usually sleep until about 7:30am. 


Yesterday I gave up and got on with my day. Today I managed to talk myself back to sleep.


Have any of you experienced this type of sleep change? Did it go away? Anything I could do to help it? 


The up-side - last night was the first night in I-literally-don't-remember-how-long that I did NOT wake up with heartburn! This has been plaguing me for years, with no relief from any over the counter or prescription medication.  Hooray!

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