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SweatRx - Whole9, Whole30, Dallas and Melissa


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Hey all


I was out at the CanFitPro conference and trade show this weekend and the show also included the SweatRX Crossfit Championship.  It was impressive.  SweatRX is a Canadian crossfit magazine and I was pleasantly surprised when I visited their booth to preview their latest edition (July/August) of the magazine and a feature article was called "Primal Nutrition - Get the Whole 9".  The article has nice shots of Dallas and Melissa plus details about Whole 9 and the Whole 30 nutritional workshops.


The article describes Dallas and Melissa as the "undisputed power couple of Paleo"!




Check it out if you wish: http://sweatrxmag.com/product/julyaugust-issue/





P.S. Excited to be attending the Toronto (Canada) Whole 30 workshop on September 7th, 2013!!!

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