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Pre- and post-workout food

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Alright, well, I feel a little silly posting here in the "athletes" section - don't really consider myself an athlete, but this seems like the best place to broach this particular topic.


I know that part of the W30 program includes eating a little bit before a workout to "prep" your body, and then eating another meal afterward.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I seem to remember reading in ISWF (though I shipped my copy to my mom so I can't refer to it right now). 


My question is, what counts as a "workout"?  I tend toward long, low-intensity activity... think hiking for a couple of hours (interspersed with bouts of jogging/running on the trails), bike riding with my daughter in the bike trailer, brisk walks, etc, several times per week.  Most of the time it *does* get my heart rate up, sometimes in short bursts, other times for a longer duration.  It really depends on what I am in the mood for and what I have the energy for.  Do I still need to eat before AND after these excursions? 


Today I took my kids up to the local nature center and we hiked for two hours, and I was rather hungry when we got back so I ate a "mini-meal" of an egg fried in ghee, a couple of large carrots, and a tablespoon or two of some hummus (wait, before you ask, this is a "raw" hummus made with cashews... all the ingredients are compliant!).  I actually thought about taking my kids out for a bike ride before dinner, but again, I'm not sure what the protocol for feeding myself would be in this case.  A larger dinner? 


Sorry if I sound like a total newbie, but... I am!  I'm on Day 10 of my first W30 and just want to get my ducks in a row.  Up until today I didn't even really have the energy for much activity, but I'm finally coming out of that "fog" and it feels pretty great. 


Thanks in advance!

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This is all about health,well being,and feeling great.... If your feeling great then you don't need to eat the extra meals (low intensity workouts are not shreading your muscles)

If you have the foggy feeling, or low energy..... Then eat ! You never want to starve yourself, always better to eat a bit more than crashing and burning and binge eating three weeks in or on day 31. Nourish yourself. :)

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