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Best of a bad option

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I am trying to break a snack habit and really working hard to make sure my meals are getting me through to the next one.


A basic day is a palm or two of protein at breakfast cooked in ghee or coconut oil, w/ usually two kinds of veg also cooked in generous fat. Lunch is 1-2 chicken thighs (depending on their size) over a big salad dressed with olive oil and lemon. Often with at least 1 hb egg or 1 avocado. Dinner is a salad simpler than lunch, one or two cooked veg, and either eggs or, this week, cold roast beef. 


So I feel like I'm definitely following the template, don't feel I'm shortchanging the fat. 


However, sometimes between meals I am...I don't know....snacky. And sometimes I am actually hungry. My solution to that will be to have a small egg salad made w/homemade mayo and veg sticks. That way it's really a mini meal. I keep it at work for two days, and if I haven't had to eat it at the end of them, I bring it home and we have it with dinner. 


Also however: If I don't have it and have to resort to eating something, in everyone's opinion, which of these options are the best: 


1. dry roasted/salted almonds & cashews

2. 1/2 compliant lara bar

3. pinch or two of organic coconut flakes


I feel like the coconut is best, because it's very sating and I can eat the least of it. 


What think others?

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I like prosciutto/compliant deli meat wrapped around veggies? Can of sardines/tuna? Olives with some veggies sticks? Coconut butter too if you can stop after 1tbsp :P


Based on your options - coconut if FODMAPs are no issue, then nuts (can you soak them? that would be prefect) and then candy aka larabar.  

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