1st Whole 30 - August 1

Carolina Blue

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Hi everyone - I'm excited to see an "official" Whole 30 starting 8/1! This will be my first Whole 30 so I'm really glad that there will be a big group and lots of support. I'm mainly nervous about planning and cooking since the main thing I can make for dinner is reservations...Honestly though, my cooking skills are very basic and I tend to not measure ingredients very accuately which can result in some pretty interesting meals.

Since it's so hot & our A/C doesn't work very well (and I have no control over when it gets repaired), I'm looking for Whole 30 slow cooker recipies. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks very much!


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Thanks! I think the slow cooker will be a lifesaver for me. I am also re-reading Well Fed and getting more ideas, especially about how to plan then shop, and prep over the weekend so that I have partially made meals ready to go. No more looking in the fridge at 7:30 pm wondering what in the world is for dinner :D

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