Olives: Where to find organic olives without BPA-lined cans for a reasonable price?


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To Dallas and Melissa, and to all you folks out there who like olives,


Since you recommended a heaping handful of olives in your book as a source of healthy fats, I would like to point out the following... ;-)


I love olives, and I cannot seem to find a source for reasonably-priced organic olives packaged in an inert container!


I called Whole Foods, and was able to verify that even their store-brand 365 (non-organic) olives are packed in cans with a BPA-based liner. They do offer organic olives in glass, but the price quickly reminds you why they are sometimes called Whole Paycheck. I don't want to feed BPA to my growing children, since it has been found to have harmful effects even in the PPB (parts per billion)!


Does anyone out there know the secret to finding good olives on the cheap? Perhaps bulk olives from a farm in California, but shipping glass jars would probably be expensive too! Perhaps growing a tree? But that won't work in my climate, and I'm not THAT patient... :-)

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Do any of your grocery stores have an olive bar? We have Fresh Market and Earth Fare. They have some that are okay and some that aren't, but all the ingredients are listed right there. They have plastic containers for at the store, but once I get home I just put them in a glass jar.


I think there are different brands in different regions.  The ones I had from NM were different (and I loved them).  The ones I got in Colorado were in a weaker brine, I guess.  The ingredients are green olives, pimientos (which I don't like) washed sea salt, white wine vinegar, and herbs.


Be careful with olives packed in glass I have never found any in a compliant oil.

Nico, what else is in the Costco olives?


We have checked at Safeway and Whole Foods.  Neither has labels.  I asked a worker who was stocking the WF olive bar once and she even checked in a handheld machine and could not tell me the ingredients.  I stick to jars and cans now.  For a bit, olives had to be my primary fat source and I was going through them like a mad woman.

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As I just posted over in another olive thread, it's possible olives from an olive bar are actually canned.


Yesterday I asked about the ingredients for the two varieties of black olives on the bar and they showed me the cans they came in - but had to ask the manager before doing so!


Again, these were for black olives at my store. It may be different for other varieties and / or other stores but they all have to get there somehow, and I'd guess in the grand scheme of things, BPA-lined cans are probably the cheapest way for the large quantities.

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I found kalimata olives in a large glass jar at costco for like $10 or $15, (edit: they are around $7.50-$8) somewhere in there. The ingredients are Kalamata olives, spring water, sea salt 5%, red wine vinegar, Tassos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The brand is Tassos and it says they are imported from Greece. No, they are not organic, but I feel like it's a quality product, they taste great, and the ingredients are good (it also specified Gluten-free on the label), and is in a glass jar, which is 52.91 ounces net weight, and 27.16 ounces dry weight (I assume that's the olives themselves, minus the brine).

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