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I was perfectly regular forever and now.....


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So I'm 76 days on and last month I started 3 days late and this month 8 days early. My diet was pretty healthy when I started, little dairy and no gluten. Anyway, I've read all the posts about irregular periods on here and am wondering why if i've always had the same schedule, I'd be so off now. If I was on a regular schedule, doesn't that mean my hormones were doing just fine? Just curious!!!!!

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Diet changes can cause stress on the body.  Whether the changes are good or not, the body needs a bit of time to figure out if they're good or not.  So, sometimes it delays ovulation, meaning your period will be late.  


Other times, as your body is adjusting to the new food, your hormones might become more in balance.  That means that one typically rises more (usually progesterone), and the other typically falls more (estrogen).  Normally, the rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone is what triggers ovulation and your period, so that artificial rise/fall due to diet changes can trick the body into thinking it's time for ovulation or your period sooner than it really is.  


Eventually, your hormones will get to a happy, steady (well, as steady as they can be for hormones that are constantly fluctuating) place and your cycles will even out as a result.  

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thanks karen...i wondered if the answer would be the same as some of your others.  you really know your stuff:)  i am curious to see what next month holds.....yikes!!!!  it was weird to start and end my period before i was really supposed to start...make sense?  crazy bodies!!!!

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