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24-Hour WOD - I survived and stayed compliant!


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Just wanted to sing the praises of Whole30 and remove any doubts I might have expressed about the program. This past weekend my Crossfit gym held a "24 WODS in 24 Hours" marathon workout. We did one WOD, every hour, on the hour, from 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday. Not only did I complete it staying entirely compliant to Whole30, but I felt GREAT from 1am-on. It was like a major, natural-feeling 2nd wind. I kept waiting to crash but I simply didn't. (Ok, during "Annie" at 4am, I got nauseous on the situps, which felt oddly like motion-sickness! but otherwise felt great!) I'm posting this less to brag about the event and more to say that Whole30 really does do wonders for the mind and body


Of course they set up a big table with carbo snacks, candies, smoothies, energy drinks, chips and salty goodies, etc. I wasn't even tempted by that. That was a feat in itself! I did find myself ambling over to the table often and checking it all out, which is exactly what I used to do at parties or work events with a nice spread. It was great not to be tempted. 


I did have a few extra nuts or a few bites of fruit here and there, but I could tell it was because I was bored or feeling a little dazed rather than hungry. I also drank some fresh vegetable juices and had sweet potatoes more than I'd normally have.  Overall, I wasn't hungry between my meals, which I tried to keep at regular day times.


What was really interesting, however, was watching a lot of other people eat all day and night. I simply don't think (despite the intensity of the event) that any of us were burning enough fat/calories to warrant that much eating. WODs are intense, and certainly 24 of them in a row is a fuel burner in itself, but I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that it could be done while still maintaining a normal eating pattern, supplemented with a few small, healthy snacks. The Whole30 really taught me that the next time I run a marathon or take a red-eye to visit my family overseas, there's no need to consume the high carbs or sugary snacks to stay awake, and that my body will be fine if I skip a meal or two or scale down for convenience.


I'm totally sold on Whole30 now and can't wait for the next 15 days! Oddly - I felt more tempted to cheat when I got home but probably because I desperately needed to sleep and had to stay awake to be with my daughter! I finally passed out last night at 10pm (had to watch Breaking Bad!) and feel ok today. 


Thanks for reading!

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It was awesome - the whole experience! And even though it was exhausting, you know those crossfit workouts aren't always that long so sometimes we were done by quarter past the hour and had 45 or so minutes until the next one. I also scaled wayyyy down, esp by the end. I think we did overhead squats or thrusters around 3am and I was using a 15 pound bar with 10-15 on each side. It was almost silly now that I think about it - I should've gone heavier - but there were some guys doing Rx muscle ups at 4am WOD. That was amazing.

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