Best pre and post WO meals that are portable?


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Pre WO:

a hard boiled egg or leftover meatballs (I make the Tessemae's wing sauce ckn meatballs often)

+ a slice of avocado, spoonful or two of coconut oil/butter or small handful of olives



Post WO:

grilled chicken, shrimp, wild sardines in water or other lean protein

+ sweet potato (cook up several on Sunday eve)

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I'm trying to find something to eat right after working out.  Really trying to get a post WO and a regular meal in there before bed...I may just start working out at 6am at this rate *sigh*.  Would just be easier all around except for my brain and lack of sleep!

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Yay! So do you take it cold or keep in a thermos?  What if you're headed straight from work?



i'm not quite sure who your question is aimed at, but i take my pre/postWO cold - it's only pieces of chicken and sweet potato! i eat my preWO on the way to the gym, and post in the car on the way home  :)

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