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I'm late


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I see that changes in cycle during the w30 are fairly normal, and I was expecting it. But I never expected it to be this hard!!


I am on day 9 of my w30, and we have been ttc for the past several months. The hard part? AF was due yesterday. Negative tests, no af. It is really playing with my emotions.


After this cycle ends, we are going to put our ttc on pause, so we can get better established into a healthy diet and work out routine. I really had hopes that I would be prengnat by now, but it is a no go :( :(

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:(  I can imagine that's quite frustrating.  I'm sorry.


Do you track your ovulation symptoms by chance?  That can be a much more helpful way to gauge when you should expect to get your period (or expect to get a + test!), particularly when you're making changes that can affect your fertility.  Perhaps after you've taken a few months off, you can try that approach.  Hopefully by then, your cycles are back on track.  (I recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wexler if you need some info on that.)


And, yes, I know many women that get pregnant due to diet changes!  Most I know take at least a cycle or two after diet changes.  


Hang in there!

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According to your symptoms, did you ovulate yet this month?  Do you temp at all?  Ovulation can often be delayed due to diet changes, which ultimately will delay your period.  Once you ovulate, though, you're certain to get your period within the next 14 days, give or take.  If you don't get your period within 18 days after you're certain you ovulated, then it's time to take a test!  


I guess what I'm encouraging you to do is not to get discouraged by a potentially late period.  If you haven't ovulated yet this cycle, then there's still a chance this month.  And if you ovulated late, again, there's still a chance this month.  

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Do you track your cervix/cervical position at all? A cervix close to menstruation will be low and could be slightly (slightly!) open. A cervix in early pregnancy will be much higher and closed tight. (in general) ... if you haven't been tracking cervical position to know what's normal for you it may be difficult to tell, but just a thought..

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