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Traveling for the long weekend, feeling frustrated

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Hey everyone.  I'm on Day 16, have had some definite struggles, but I'm really starting to get in the groove of this W30 thing, and the cooking is becoming almost second nature to me now.


So, naturally, I gotta disrupt this by going out of town for the weekend. 


Here are my issues:


We're going to be eating out for three meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with various groups of friends.  I can't really avoid this, and I haven't seen these friends for varying lengths of time so it isn't very realistic to just "opt out".  I poked around the forums for a little bit and discovered that Chipotle is a pretty safe bet (the carnitas bowl with lettuce, guac, pico, and salsa), so I can dig it... I might even do it twice (for the lunch and the dinner)!  I'm still stumped on breakfast, though... does anyone have any ideas?  There are a lot of breakfast places and diners around, and I'd thought about just ordering some kind of plate with eggs, a meat (which I'm sure will have sugar/nitrates... will that be start-over worthy?), and some veg or fruit.


So, all that eating out aside, I'll be preparing the rest of our meals at my mother-in-law's house (she will be out of town, so I don't have to work around her dietary preferences).  There is a Trader Joe's nearby her house so I'm planning to go there and stock up with some things for the weekend.  Obviously I will be able to do some cooking, but we'll also be on the go, so can anyone give me ideas for quick and easy meals/snacks (I know snacks are discouraged, but I've got kids, I'm just being realistic here)?  I know Larabars are a hot topic around these parts, but if they are paired with, say, a boiled egg or two and some raw veggies, are they really so bad?  Fruit and almond butter?  I haven't been doing any snacking AT.ALL. since starting W30, but I've also been at home this whole time and haven't felt the need.  What does everyone like from TJ's that is W30 compliant?


Sorry for the novel, I'm really kinda nervous about the weekend.  Part of me is tempted to just say "screw it, I'm calling this a Whole 18, I can't deal"... but that seems like a cop-out and I'd really like to make it work and not throw in the towel prematurely. 


Thanks in advance for any and all advice :)

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For breakfast out, a safe option is a couple hard boiled eggs with sliced tomato. You may also be able to get an omelette, made only with eggs (no gluten or dairy) cooked in 100% olive oil with vegetables cooked in 100% olive oil. I wouldn't trust any sausage or bacon at a restaurant to be compliant - maybe you can get smoked salmon if you want more protein?


Snacks on the go: hard boiled eggs with sliced peppers and avocado, olives or nuts. (You want your snacks to be a mini meal, including a protein and fat.) Larabars are only to be used in emergency situations when you're hungry, so I would avoid those.


From TJ's, I like their coconut oil, raw cashews, red ruby chai tea, canned pink salmon, and sweet potatoes. Also their turkey burgers are compliant.

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