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Honoring my dad with a Whole29.6+


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I did my Whole30 in the 30 days before my dad's memorial service on July 20th.  He passed away on the 6th of June and I was looking for some way to focus my energy on something positive in the wake of the terrible sadness that came with grieving.


While I honored my dad with his favorite meal on the 30th night of my Whole30, making it actually a Whole 29.6 ( and I blogged about it here) and I toasted him many times over after the service, I got back in the saddle on the 21st and did another two weeks.  Since starting on June 20th, I have lost 10 lbs, dropped two dress sizes and have slept better than I have in years.


I don't eat bread sandwiches or rice or cereal anymore. (Lettuce wraps are a whole other story.) Pasta, potato chips, soda and processed foods are a thing of the past. And, while I have indulged in the rare sweet treat and I did put cheese back into my salad fixin' rotation, I have fundamentally changed my eating and my health. I shop the perimeter of the store more. I eat breakfast. I stop eating after dinner. And I still feel really good which is reaffirmed by my blood pressure, a cool 102/64. Considering all of the stuff I have going on these days, that is just crazy. 


Thank you for giving me a place to focus during a difficult time in my life and for helping me honor my dad by taking better care of my self.




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