Whole 30 Veggie Lasagna

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Hello again,


I've been craving lasagna, and there are lots of Paleo meat recipes out there, but I hadn't found a good one for Whole 30 compliant vegetarian lasagna, so I made one up.  It was really tasty.  The key, I think, was a lentil "ricotta" spread thingy that I used, well, like I would have used ricotta.



2 large zucchini--sliced thin, but not Kate Moss thin

1 medium or large sweet potato--again, sliced thin

2 cups of soaked (overnight) and cooked (for an hour) lentils

One onion

3 cloves garlic

1/4 cup (or so) of nutrional yeast (I used this to hold the lentil mix together, rather than for a "cheese flavor")

dried basil or oregano, or both--to taste

salt, pepper to taste

16 ounces marinara sauce

8 oz soy tempeh

Olives of your choice

2 fresh tomatoes


For noodles, I used BOTH thinly sliced zucchini (not super-thin like you would have for zoodles, a little thicker to help hold it all together) AND thinly sliced sweet potato.


In a 9x13 inch pan, I started with a layer of compliant marinara sauce with some tempeh mixed in (the canned marinara at Trader Joe's happens to be compliant, so that was nice--of course, you could make your own pretty easily).


Then, I topped with:

A layer of sweet potatoes (again, use them like noodles, so one layer only)

A layer of what I think made the recipe:  lentil "ricotta" spread (see below for recipe)

A layer of zucchini

4 slices of fresh tomato

Top with the sauce mixture


Aaand, repeat

I ended with the sauce and then the tomatoes and olives on top because they looked pretty.  


350 degree oven for 40 minutes--covered with foil

another 15 or so minutes without foil


If you're worried about your sweet potatoes getting soft enough, you could microwave them first to soften them up a bit, but I wouldn't want to make them too mushy.


*  Lentil "ricotta" spread:

I soaked lentils overnight and ended up with about 2 or 3 cups which I then cooked for an hour to soften (just in water, no salt)

Using an immersion blender, I blended until they were "spread like," but not without some texture

I diced the onion and the garlic and cooked them in olive oil until they were transparent and a little bit browned.

I added the onion/garlic mixture to the lentils, mixed all together, added the nutritional yeast (because the whole thing was a little watery), a little bit of salt and pepper, and that was it.


You could add favorite spices at this point as well:  basil, oregano, etc. 

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