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Not feeling deprived


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I feel like this is a success story. Right now I am day 30 for no alcohol and no sugar, day 20 for everything else. I know this is not a "diet" in the traditional sense, but I have been on MANY diets before, still trying to lose weight, so I do have a hard time not comparing this to previous food changes and diets that I have tried before.

Prior to ISWF, I thought I had NO WILL POWER. Every diet I tried, I felt deprived and would eventually cave and eat the forbidden fill-in-the-blank here. Then I would spiral into the world of regret, beating myself up for giving in and giving up. Then of course do some additonal emotional/depression eating making it pretty much the end of that effort to follow a diet. Usually in less than 30 days.

So here is the success part, I just realised that I have NOT been feeling deprived. My cravings are so low level, that it is easy for me to just let them pass. Kinda like when you meditate and you realize you are thinking of something, you just acknowledge it and then let it flow away. Yes, I miss wine and chocolate most of all, and I will have it again... But not for a while and that's OK! Not some evil torture!

I am mostly always feeling satisfied, not having inbetween meal hunger fits. I can recognize real hunger from a craving.

I fantasize about the new cool tool I bought today and how I can now make zoodles and I can't wait to get some more zucchinni and try it out. (zucchinni used to only be for chocolate zuccinni bread in my SAD past)

I easily pass on the treats at the work meetings and it isn't a struggle that requires a ton of self-talk, mental gymnastics and intentionally moving far away from the food.

I believe very strongly that dairy has so messed up my hormones that I am not planning to reintro it anytime soon. I also feel that sugar has little place in my life anymore and damn it if I have to keep reading labels for the rest of my life, I will... Because it scares me what I have discovered now hides in the most innocent foods.

I know the sugar dragon can be a tricky thing, and may rear its ugly head again. But I feel strong and have my sword of healthy fats and proteins to knock that sucker back down to its den.

apparently it wasn't my lack of will power, but that hidden sugar in everything that has been dogging every healthy eating plan I have ever tried.

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I experienced something similar. I used to give in to some sugar or carb-y treat every afternoon, and then beat myself up mercilessly for my lack of willpower. Once 2-3 weeks of no wheat/sugar have passed, magically I no longer care that I'm not eating it! Pay close attention to changes when you start adding foods back in. I maintain a fairly strict paleo diet now (W30 + grassfed butter mostly, and restaurant food once or twice a month), but every single time I have a sugary treat or too much wheat (I'm not entirely sure what my threshold is yet), those cravings creep back in and it takes about 2 weeks to clear up again. At least I totally understand what is going on now...it makes it much easier to talk myself out of buying crap food during that 2 week period when my system is getting clean again, or however you want to look at it.

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JJB I am pretty certain I am going to stay Paleo for the foreseeable future. Because I fear those cravings coming back. I am not missing wheat stuff at all. Only missing a few dairy things (cheese mostly) but I will jump back into whole30 if craving come back... Because it WORKS!

I am not sure how it is different, but when I did south beach diet, the cravings never went away. I think I barely lasted a month.

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