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Taking my second W30 1/30th at a time


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W30 2.0: DAY 21:


Nagging, distracting stressy stuff managed! Well done, me with 3-4 hours of sleep.


Meal 1: Sweet potato, onion, apple hash with fried eggs


Meal 2: Grilled organic hot dogs, avocado. 


Meal 3: Cobb salad with an amazing HM Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette. 


Exercise: Thought about it. Did a lot of running around, though. That counts, sort of. 


Sleep: SO much better. Feel like the batteries are re-charged. 


W30 for the Soul: Needed to have a heart-to-heart with our tenant (we have a studio we rent out in our house) and was really dreading it but suffice to say it turned out really well, the way these things should turn out—points made in a respectful and clear way w/o blame, points heard, responsibility taken in a non-defensive way, agreements made to move forward with clear consequences understood. Yay. Amazing what adults can do when they act like adults. Hey Congress....yeah you! 


What to bring to Day 22: Did a rough meal plan yesterday and will refine it today. Shopping done so pretty much about creating a schedule and filling in the blanks. 

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W30 2.0: DAY 22:


Meal 1: Egg/Banana grill circles w/sautéed apples, grapefruit


Meal 2: Chicken salad


Meal 3: Shredded beef lettuce tacos w/homemade salsa, roasted veggies. 


Exercise: Lots of chores. Riding today. Appt. booked. 


Sleep: Better but too much Sunday night cable drama. Breaking Bad alone will give me really weird dreams, which it did. 


W30 for the Soul: Cleaned the house and got a haircut. They both accomplished the same thing. 


What to bring to Day 23: Home stretch. Anniversary coming. Start mentally preparing for a compliant celebration.

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W30 2.0: DAY 23:


Meal 1: Early morning workout so HB Eggs, coconut water, some almonds, a Larabar halfway through the ride. 


Meal 2: Leftover curry beef, sliced chicken, roasted veggies. 


Meal 3: Grilled pork chops with berry reduction, green beans with toasted almonds. 


Exercise: Cycling, 16 miles, gradual 4 mile climb and return sprint. 


Sleep: 8 hours. Excellent, woke up once. 


W30 for the Soul: Rode with my nephew and had a great talk at the top of the hill halfway through. Spent some time outside sketching on client projects. Nice change from the office/drafting table/computer. 


What to bring to Day 24: Get outside a bit today.

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W30 2.0: DAY 24:


Meal 1: Eggs w/spinach and SD tomatoes, chicken-apple sausage


Meal 2: Sliced pork salad with tomatoes, HB egg, olives, strawberry balsamic dressing. 


Meal 3: Beef stew in the slow cooker. 


Exercise: Brisk 2.5 mile walk in the a.m. Note: exercising in the morning rocks! Love the feeling about 4-5 p.m. when you realize you've already "moved".  


Sleep: Great. Lots. 


W30 for the Soul: Great talks with my wife/business partner about bizness-y things. Also realizing day by day that TV watching is an addiction and needs to be brought under control. By which I mean watch less. The catch is that network TV is a waste of electrons but doesn't give me nightmares like cable dramas, which tend to feature unfettered murder and mayhem. I need a strategy, like eating, I guess. It's all body-mind stuff. 


What to bring to Day 25: Plan for tomorrow's date night at the free Drive-In Movie. Last one was just before this W30 and we kinda went off the res, as it were. 

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W30 2.0: DAY 25:


W30 Test du Jour. Drive-in date night tonight if my date is feeling up to it. 


Meal 1: Eggs (yes, again) with onions, spinach, mushrooms, salsa. 


Meal 2: Leftover beef stew. 


Meal 3: NomNom's spicy tuna muffins but with crab instead. Dee-lish. Plus sautéed zucchini and onions with toasted almonds.


Exercise: n/a. 


Sleep: Not bad but woke up early with my mind going 100 mph. 


W30 for the Soul: Let's review. This is the third leg of the stool. Every day identify something that nurtures the soul. This has nothing specifically to do with W30 except that eating this way is already a self-nurturing activity, so it follows that simply feeling better as a result leads more naturally to an attitude of self-care. It's hard to take time for yourself, when yourself is feeling like crap all the time. 


What to bring to Day 26: Start thinking about the next 30 days, not just the end of W30. It takes about 60 days to form a habit. 

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W30 2.0: DAY 26:


Drive-in date night postponed. Movies sucked and it was too hard to pack a W30 dinner. Waa...waa...waahh. 


Meal 1: Green smoothie. 


Meal 2: Leftover beef stew, last of it. 


Meal 3: Burger bites with HM mayo, guac, roasted broccoli. 


Exercise: Noop. 


Sleep: Pretty good but wicked dreams! 


W30 for the Soul: Well I guess it's time to admit that I like losing weight. It's cosmetic sure, but I just like the feeling of my body being more able to bend, move, stretch, pedal, walk without parts rubbing, protruding or otherwise commanding my attention. I've never been seriously obese but it runs in my family, so not beyond the realm. Neither have I ever been at my ideal weight and muscle fitness. And as I age, it's becoming mission critical too not sit too much and to move. W30 reminds me it's all attainable and within my grasp. And I have to ask what's ever been the impediment? Fear of being too fit? Really? Is that even possible? Interesting. 


What to bring to Day 27: Take a moment today and consider looking at other addiction manifestations like TV and caffeine. 

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Hi - just stopped in and had a couple of thoughts...

Try to include a proper postWO when you do exercise - it seems you just stick to three meals and don't include the extra pre/postWO meals.

"Egg banana grill circles" sound suspiciously like pancakes, which are not part of the whole 30 even if made with compliant ingredients. Smoothies are also discouraged - make sure all your meals are fitting the template for the greatest benefit.

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