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Barb's Whole30 Experiment


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Hi all fellow Whole 30'ers!

Today (July 16, 12) I will be starting my very first ever Whole30. I am a holistic nutritionist, and specialize in paleo/primal/ancestral diets. I have been following a primal intermittent fasting plan, structured after Leangains, so this will be a little different!

History in a nutshell...

1. I was an overweight child, and some of my earliest memories are of being teased by adults and children alike, and trying to lose weight before age 10.

2. At about age 20 I began having real weight issues. Between the ages of 20 and 32 my weight bounced around while I tried every conceivable diet. I went all the way to 256 pounds (female, 5'6").

3. At age 32, I lost over 100 pounds with Weight Watchers

4. The loss was nearly impossible to maintain as I was starving all the time.

5. Age 35, made the worst mistake EVER. I was convinced by a trainer to diet for and compete in a bodybuilding contest. I competed for 3 years before my body/metabolism cratered.

6. I feel that a lifetime of dieting, Weight Watchers and the INSANE dieting and exercise to prepare for bodybuilding contests left me with an unresponsive metabolism, a completely unsustainable and unrealistic idea of what I want to look like, a scale obsession, an obsession with weighing and measuring food and an inability to accept my body. Fun.

7. These personal experiences spurred my decision to study natural nutrition. I did not like the direction that a career as a registered dietician would steer me in. I knew that I could not, in good conscience, sit in front of an obese diabetic and advise him or her to eat the huge amount of starchy carbs that is currently advised for them by our ill advised governing body. So, I do not have a Bachelor's degree, nor do I belong to our national registering body for dieticians. I do have a diploma and the ability to use my own functioning brain when dispensing advice to clients.

Even with my background and knowledge, it is very tough to stay on track at times. I council my clients and provide them the support to succeed, but who provides me with encouragement and support when I need it? I'm hoping the Whole30!

I will post my starting stats, goals for the 30 days and starting menus later on today.

EDIT - Day 1 Begins with my Stats...

Here they are - EEEK!

Height - 5'6"

Weight - 88.9 kg (~196 pounds)

Ribcage - 98 cm (~38.5")

Waist - 105 cm (~41.5")

Hip - 108 cm (~42.5")

Thigh - 66 cm (~25")*

*Thought just occurred to me. When I was bodybuilding and 'stage-ready', my waist was 27". Currently my thigh is only 2 inches smaller than my waist was then. I have always had issues with a thick waist, and I nearly had to kill myself (and I DID damage myself) getting it to 27"...

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Days 1, 2, and 3

Hi All,

I have decided to check in a couple of times per week, rather than daily. I am half way through Day 3 and so far, so good!! I was following a paleo/primal diet, so thankfully am not having the really awful carb withdrawals.

What I am missing most is my coffee. I have cut myself back from about 5 cups per day to just 1 cup in the morning. I am using coconut milk in it. Other than that, breaking the habit of jumping on the scale every morning seems odd, and of course, measuring my food intake by closed fist, open palm and thumb rather than by ounces and cups is taking some getting used to. But, feeling good with good energy.

Here is what my intakes have looked like.

Day 1

1. 4 scrambled eggs, entire orange bell pepper, 1/2 Haas avocado, fist sized serving fresh cherries, decaf coffee with coconut milk

2. 3-4 strips crisp bacon, raw snap peas, 1/2 fist of raspberries

3. oven roasted chicken breast w/skin, large serving of stir fried veggies in coconut oil

Snacks - home made grass fed jerky

Day 2

1. 4 hard boiled eggs, whole tomato, fist sized portion of fresh cherries and raspberries, fish oil, decaf with coconut milk

2. canned tuna in olive oil, raw cauliflower, 1/2 fist cherries

3. sauteed chicken livers w/onions in coconut oil, big salad with avocado

Day 3

1. 3 eggs scrambled w/ shrooms, spinach and onion in coconut oil, fish oil, fist sized portion of raspberries, decaf with coconut milk

2. leftover sauteed chicken livers w/onions in coconut oil, stir fried veggies, 1/2 fist sized portion raspberries

3. baked salmon, big salad w/avocado

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