Whole30, September 1!

Jen K

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Hi everyone! Starting Whole30 today, September 1. I went Paleo in January 2012, stuck to it very successfully for about 3 months while I was unemployed, and felt and looked better than I ever have. But when I went back to work and couldn't cook all the time, I got derailed. I've returned to it in between, and have maintained some of the benefits -- like, I don't get colds anymore (I used to get sinus infections half a dozen times a year) -- but I haven't been able to stick to Paleo reliably, and my health has backslid a bit (lower energy, etc.) and I've gained weight. So I guess my most difficult obstacle is managing cravings. This time, I'm very motivated, and have put together lots of Whole30-compliant recipes, lists of snacks, and back-up plans (Chipotle!) to get me through. I miss the way I felt when I was full-time Paleo: healthy, strong, energetic, calm, slender, and sexy. It's time to get it back! ~Jen

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Hi Jen

Hope you have a successful whole 30 and feel the benefits you're hoping for!

Just a thought - you've mentioned having a list of snacks...

Snacks aren't encouraged during the whole 30, so if you find yourself hungry you need a mini- meal of protein, fat and vegies. You might want to overestimate meal sizes in the first few days so you either eat the lot because you can (and not feel hungry til your next meal) or have leftovers for a perfect mini meal :)

If you are getting hungry between meals, you'll need look at your portion sizes and maybe readjust them!

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