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Whole30 take 2

Dawn Mason

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I loved my first whole30 so much it turned into a whole 45, and then I was 'mostly' good for a few weeks then I appear to have thrown myself off the wagon and into a giant packet of crisps and stayed there for a couple of months.

So, I'm feeling lethargic, my skin is awful, my sleep is disrupted and inefficient and I am constantly grumpy. My friend made me a gluten free cake yesterday, and it's made me feel awful. Hungover almost.

I was gluten free before my first whole30, but learnt during that that I was also lactose intolerant. Now I think I need to work on minimising my reliance on coffee, and cutting out all of the snacking. I seem to graze all day and I am bored of thinking about eating/eating/thinking about eating - repeat.
So my ground rules are going to be no more than 2 cups of coffee, and none after noon. 2 litres of water a day, minimum. 3 meals a day only, no snacks and no food after 7pm.

I walk for an hour a day with the school run, once my body is feel less inflamed I want to start my jogging again. I use Zombies Run on the treadmill as that's less high impact for me.


I do work better planning my food, so I'll do a planning post then edit it with what actually happened ;)


So anyway Day 1 today!


Meal 1
Bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms.
1 cup coffee


Meal 2
Tuna, garlic mayo, cucumber, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes. Followed by a banana.

Meal 3

Roast chicken, roast broccoli and cauliflower.

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