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Rebooting for September 1st (and beyond)


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So I'm back.  Along with the infamous grouchy spouse of legend and lore.


I have a confession to make. While this isn't my first rodeo, it is the first one where I am 100 percent committed to do it without butter.  Specifically Kerrygold.  See I thought I knew better.  I thought a little butter here and there wouldn't hurt anything.  And never cooked anything for the grouchy spouse who clearly has dairy issues with it.  But me, I was special.


But you know what?  While I've seen 98 percent of the great things everyone always talks about, I haven't seen them all.  And I always manage to lose my way during reintroduction.


So here we are.  Back and following the program for REALZ this time.  It Starts with Food is on my nightstand.


I spent 2 weeks at the beach in August, one as a solo parent.  There was wine.  There was chocolate.  There was milk in my coffee. Especially on the two day drive down. There was even pizza.  No regrets. 


But I'm sure I'm going to experience a few detox symptoms as I get started.


This morning I started with coffee with coffee ice cubes, half a chuck eye steak cooked in lard and baby kale also cooked in lard.  


I also had two small bites of a heritage/heirloom apple that I spiralized for the six year old to test out the new veggie/fruit spiral noodle maker.  Love, love, love the gadget already.  


Today's challenge:  I have a 1:30 massage.  Grouchy spouse and 6 year old will go to the farmers market with me (I've even made a menu plan for the week!) and then I'll hang out at Barnes and Noble until my massage.  I just not sure what do for my lunch... I don't like to eat heavily before or after but I will need a meal somewhere in there.  I can run to Whole Foods if need be...


Looking forward to this latest rodeo!

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Apparently Grouch Spouse (I really should trademark that...) wasn't on board.  While I was returning the empty egg cartons to the farmer, he was buying sausage sandwiches for himself and the 6 year old.  And lemonade.  On really, really nice brioche rolls.  


When I asked, he said he's starting tomorrow.


And then while I was at my massage and running errands after, he texted to say he was at the mall and they were hungry so they were going to the diner there for dinner.


Feeling a little bruised. His refusing to eat what I cook while claiming to like it is a recurrent theme.  It gets frustrating.  Not to mention I really like dining out too but wasn't included because I was off doing things that needed to be done to make the family functional during the week.

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Day 2 or as I like to call it, "Where the **** is my chocolate..."


It didn't get off to a great start when the second half of my steak from yesterday disappeared into thin air.


Grouchy spouse doesn't like steak, the 6 year old would leave evidence and the stuffed animals aren't talking.


That left my morning in disarray and I didn't have meal one until almost 11:30 at Whole Foods.  


And I didn't have a real Meal 2 as we went to the movie on a whim so I scarfed down some Applegate roast beef and grabbed some carrots.  


Dinner/Meal 3 was my version of stroganoff.  Grass fed ground beef, onions, yellow squash, carrots (all shredded super fine) and mushrooms plus a ton of smoked paprika cooked in lard.  I stopped adding yogurt when the kid announced he wouldn't eat "stroggie" if it had yogurt.  We just added it separately if we wanted it.  And we had given up the pasta even before that.  It is actually isn't bad without the yogurt and it makes a ton so I can take it to work for lunch tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the first day of school, I have to go to the office for a few hours, and my list of errands is growing longer by the minute.  

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