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WholeBunchOJunk Reintro log


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Officially done with Whole30, though not rushing into testing of foods.  I will probably start the actual test tomorrow.  I'm off work and it seems like a good day to try dairy, just in case there are any "issues", lol.


At the start of Whole30, these were my goals...my thoughts at the conclusion of Whole30 are in red:


1.  Better sleep...I'm lucky if I can get 5 hours a night - No real improvement here, in fact may be a bit worse

2.  Reduce inflammation in my body - Not sure how to tell, still have some joint pain, etc.  Won't be able to tell about the insides until I have my next upper endoscopy in 2015   :(

3.  Get rid of those sugar cravings (did it before can do it again) -  SUCCESS!!!  Not craving it and when I tasted those cookies they were too sweet and tasted fake if that makes any sense--tasting them did NOT invoke cravings

4.  Reduce joint pain -- not a lot of improvement

5.  Break away from “convenience†foods -- I'm lazy and would still prefer not to cook, but I'm trying

6.  Even out blood sugars -- haven't been tested, but I'm guessing they've improved

7.  Reduce cholesterol -- may try to take a reading at someplace that does quick ones, otherwise it has to wait until I see my doctor next

8.  Lose weight -- will weigh tomorrow...I did sneak in a weigh or two in the beginning, and I do know I've lost a couple of pounds, but not more than that...clothes aren't fitting any looser and not feeling or looking any smaller.  Will also take measurements tomorrow or Monday

9.  Increase energy -- no improvement really


So, the lack of real improvement makes me think that perhaps I'm fine with the things Whole30 cut out, but maybe there is something in my diet that is still a problem.  Perhaps I'll cut one thing at a time to see what happens.


I did weigh this morning and I've lost 4 pounds for the month of August.  Not a lot, but it's a nice amount.  I'll take measurements tomorrow, but I don't think they've changed at all.  Nothing feels looser or fits better.


So, my plan is to introduce dairy tomorrow.  I will test Fage Full Fat Greek Yogurt, heavy whipping cream for my coffee, and butter. 



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Day 1 Post Whole30:


Did not sleep last night.  Well, slept good from 9:00 pm until 1:30 am, then not at all.  I laid in bed until 3:15, then just got up.  I'm a little confused about what to do with this.  I keep hearing that we should eat within 1 hour of waking, but I was really hoping I would fall back asleep, so I stayed in bed.  Even if I got up right away, is eating at 1:30 a good idea?  Confusion ensues, lol.   :D  I am currently having acupuncture treatments to help with insomnia, and yesterday was the first focused treatment for that...that MAY be why I slept well for the first four hours.   :o


I will be taking my normal Sunday walk to the Farmer's Market and back, which will include a trip to Starbuck's for a decaf Americano and my own coconut milk.


Meal 1:  2 eggs, red bell pepper and mushrooms sauteed in bacon grease, 3 slices bacon; strawberries; iced decaf coffee with coconut milk and 2 dates


2:   Iced decaf Americano w/ 1/4 can coconut milk


3:   New York Strip Steak (4.75 oz raw wt), salad:  romaine, carrots, slivered almonds, grape tomatoes, balsamic & olive oil


4:   NY Strip Steak (4.75 oz raw wt), zoodles with raw basil pesto, mushrooms, blueberries

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Day 2, Reintro of dairy - Not sure I'll keep dairy in my diet, but I at least want to know if it's a problem so I won't sweat the small amounts in other stuff.


I slept pretty well until 1:00 am, then not so much, then my neighbors started making a lot of noise.  Just got up at 3:00 ish.


1:  (4:14 am)  Iced coffee with 2T heavy cream and 2 dates (This didn't taste as good as I had hoped, lol.  I originally had 4T in, but only drank half of it); bacon and eggs with canteloupe and grape tomatoes 


2:  (9:00 am)  Had a second 2T of cream


9:40 am - no symptoms from any of that.


3:  (11:00 am)   Zoodles sauteed in butter, ground beef, grape tomatoes


So far, no symptoms from earlier meals.  Am planning to have yogurt for dinner.


4:   (2:00 pm)  was hungry so had some sprouted almonds


As of 2:45, still no obvious reactions or symptoms.  I can live without cream and just have it as special treats, and can limit yogurt to once or twice a week if that, but I loves me some butter lol.  I am bloated today, but it's hard to pin that on the dairy--I've been bloated through the whole Whole30.


5:   (4:30 pm)  Fage Full Fat Greek Yogurt w/frozen blueberries


5:22 pm - still feeling okay, no obvious symptoms, took a Zyrtek because I've been so congested and haven't been sleeping well.  I think I will try to go until Friday without any coffee at all.  My plan for the morning is to make some iced cammomille tea.  I'm also going to have some in about an hour

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Hi Bojibelle!  Yes, I actually have thought of cutting out all kinds of coffee.  I'm just having a hard time at the moment (which probably tells me I SHOULD cut it out, lol).  Having an iced coffee in the morning really helps cool me down and I've come to really look forward to it.  Once it turns cooler, I can drink hot water and be satisfied.   :ph34r:


Last evening I had some cammomile(sp?) tea...I can't drink hot liquids when it's hot, but I thought maybe I could have it warm.  I actually really enjoyed it and it didn't make me hotter.   I put it in a cute little teacup and sipped and it was good.  Maybe there's hope for me yet.

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Day 3 - Reintro.


Not testing any foods today.  I did not have any reactions to the dairy yesterday which is fantastic.  I'm reading another book, however, which discussed dairy and after reading THAT, and with the fact that at one point I was tested as intolerant to the casein in dairy, I think I will limit it.  I like the flavor of butter in some foods, so I'll probably use butter now and again, and when I'm out and about, it would be nice to have some cream in my coffee or tea.


I've decided to test coffee this week, lol.  I usually drink decaf, but with my horrible hormonal insomnia, I think it might be a good idea to see how it affects me.  Today is my first day.  I put a couple of chamomile (ha, looked up how to spell it, lol) tea bags in some water and put it in the refrigerator last night before bed.  That was my morning iced drink.  I mixed it with coconut milk, but tomorrow will probably use half the amount, or maybe try it without anything.


I'm not sure what other food to test this week.  I'm not really missing anything except a little sweetness in my coffee, but if I'm not having coffee, then no reason to test it yet, lol.  I've been fine with using a date or two to sweeten a tall Starbuck's reusable tumbler and that hasn't triggered cravings or sweet tooth.  So no real need to add sugar back.


Oh well, I'll figure out what to test next by Thursday.  I guess.  LOL!


I DID sleep better last night, but I think that was due to taking a Zyrtek for my allergies.  Still, Zyrtek doesn't always make me sleep better, so it was a welcomed event, lol.  Woke up several times, three of those to use the restroom (that Chamomile tea before bed, lol), but went back to sleep each time until around 3:00 am.  Got up at 3:40 ish.


The most fun thing today is that I am down another pound!!  I'm almost back where I was in April/May when I had lost 12 pounds.  Got derailed in May/June and gained some of that back, so it's nice to be down there again.


1:  (4:15 - 5:00 am)   Iced chamomile tea with 1/4 can lite coconut milk; 1 strip bacon; a couple of grape tomatoes


2:  (6:20 am)   2 HB eggs, 4 slices bacon, 1 apple


(9:45 am)  Snack on some unsweetened coconut flakes


3:  (11:30 am)   Ground beef, broccoli, sweet potato


4:  (?)   Salad:  romaine, Applegate organic roast beef, grape tomatoes, carrots, slivered almonds; cantelope

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Hum, I've had some headaches today...very mild and hardly noticable if I'm doing something, but they are there.  Wonder if that's because of the dairy or if it's my allergies.  Maybe I'll test dairy again in a few weeks.


I think I've decided to try legumes on Thursday or Friday.  In the winter I really love pea soup.  Don't ask me why--hated it as a child, but have grown to really love it.

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Day 3 - Reintro


Or, I wonder if the slight headaches yesterday and a little this morning are because I'm not drinking any coffee.  I didn't think I drank that much, one large coffee in the morning, which is USUALLY decaf.  That's it on a normal day.  Weekend days I sometimes have two iced decafs.  I know that decaf has caffeine, but wouldn't think it was enough to give me headaches if I quit, lol.  Anyway, today is day two without coffee of any kind.  This morning I had red roibos tea.


1:  (4:15 am)  Red Roiboss tea w/ 1/4 can coconut milk; 1 slice of bacon and a couple of grape tomatoes


2:  (6:20 am)  4 slices bacon, 2 HB eggs, 1 apple, 1 small tomatoe


3:  (?)   Ground beef, sweet potatoe, asparagus


4:  (?)  


Not sure what I'll have for dinner yet.  I'll only be home for about an hour then will be going out with a friend to a potluck -- they'll have a salad, so at least I'd be able to eat that, but not sure if anything else.  Not sure yet whether I'll try to eat a small meal before I go or not.  In the hour I'm home I'll have to shower and dry my hair, lol.

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Day 4 - Reintro


Slept okay considering I got to bed really late (for me, lol).  Though, I went to the potluck and was really good about just taking salad which my friend had made with meat, eggs, tomatoes, etc.  The other stuff was pasta and/or questionable ingredients, so I passed on that.  But, I did try a VERY small portion of ice cream.  I mean small, lol.  It was a scoop about the size of a small meatball.  :)  I ate that with a little bit of chopped walnuts and a SMALL drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Within about 30 minutes or so, I started getting stomach pains.  Ice cream - out.  LOL.


I was going to do an official reintry try today, but now I think I'll wait until the weekend to give my system a rest before trying something else.  I think it will either be sugar or legumes.  I'm more likely to come across sugar in my daily life, so I may try sugar, but I don't intend to make that a regular part of my diet anymore.  I just want to know what the side-affects or symptoms would be if I ate it after not eating it for so long. 

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Day 5 - Reintro


Stomach has been hurting for a couple of days.  I may have to back off on the fruit and veggies for a while to let it calm down.  I'm going for my 3rd acupuncture treatment tomorrow and I think she intends to focus on my stomach.  Not sure the acupuncture is heling at all and in fact in some things I think it's worse than not helping, lol.  I may give it a couple of more sessions before I decided whether or not to continue, but if it's not helping, no need to continue if it's not working.

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Days 6-8 - Reintro


Well the 3rd acupuncture treatment did not go well.  Every needle hurt and some so bad that I almost cried.  It was VERY uncomfortable.  She did compensate by giving me a really great massage afterward...not sure which one took longer than it should, but I was there for well over 3 hours.  Each piece usually takes only 1 hour each.  I'm thinking the acupuncture took longer because I was such a baby, lol.    I took two Advil when I got home from the appointment.


In any case, on Saturday evening I couldn't eat.  She focused on my sleep and my digestion.  She put needles all over my head, including at my jaw where it hinges.  That was what was excruiating Saturday evening.  It was mostly fine until I tried to chew something (especially hard macadamia nuts, OUCH!!), then I would have a sudden severe shooting pain.  I think it was nerve pain, but not entirely sure.  It was much better yesterday, but I didn't really try to eat anything hard or firm.  I had soft foods like shakes (which I make myself with totally Whole30 compliant items).  I had two shakes yesterday as well and the rest was soft foods like spaghetti squash and chicken liver.


Today things seem normal, but haven't really had anything to firm.  I wanted to give my stomach a break anyway, so I'm sticking with soft foods and shakes for a couple of days.

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Day 9 - Reintro


Not really trying hard to do any reintroducing of things.  I did some unintentional testing over the weekend, so I figure I'll just stick fairly close to the Whole30 foods for a while.


I did try some dark chocolate yesterday.  This is Lindt 90% Cacao, so it's fairly void of lots of other ingredients and fairly low in sugar.

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Hi There!


You mentioned that you suffer from joint pain and it really didn't get any better.  I've noticed that you eat an awful lot of tomatoes.  Which are part of the nightshade family, which do cause potential imflamation.  I notice as soon as I have night shades, either I will be itchy something terrible or my right knee will be in pain.  Try cutting them out for a few days to see what happens.


Something to think about at least.


Best of luck!

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Day 10 - Reintro.


Feeling good and sleeping fairly well.  Got up twice to use the restroom and woke up a few other times, but went back to sleep each time.  Still feel tired though.  I have a Bible study tonight, so I'll be home late well after my usual bedtime of 8:00 pm, lol.  Hopefully it won't affect my sleep too much.

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Day 11 - Reintro


Slept well considering got to bed at 10:00 ish...two hours past my normal time.  That's usually enough to disturb my sleep, but I was able to fall back asleep.  I wonder if those painful acupuncture treatments are working afterall, lol.  Or maybe it's the Whole30 food finally working it's magic.  Never did feel that Tiger Blood, lol.

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Day 12.


Well not so lucky on the sleep issue last night.  I could NOT get to sleep, ever.  Not even 1 hour!  Was tempted to call in sick, but I knew I had a huge project to work on, so came in anyway. I always get here early, so my thought was when I finished the project I would go home.  I'm still here.  :)


I just had two squares of Ghiradelli 60% Cacao chocolate.  It was good, but it was pretty sweet.  Definitely not going to make a habit of this, but was curious to see what would happen.  Kind of dumb I guess since I'm already not feeling that great from lack of sleep.

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My sleep is better these days, but mostly because my allergies have been bad and I've been taking a Zyrtek every night, lol.  I've fallen off the Whole Foods reintro wagon I'm afraid.  I've reintroduced sugar this week--it started with the intent of just seeing how I react to it, but it has reawaken the sugar dragon.   And, I've discovered that it definitely makes me feel bad in several ways.  I'm wondering if I have candida because what I noticed yesterday was a bubbly, gurgle-y gut for most of the day.  I felt tired and draggy all day.  I also noticed a slight (very slight) sore throat.

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