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Just finished yesterday!


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Just wrapped up my Whole 30 yesterday!


Things I gained from this experience:


Increased energy -- levels throughout the day are pretty constant; I'm no longer experiencing sugar crashes


I feel more in control of my eating, whereas I would have a tendency to binge eat sweets in the past


I have fallen in love with vegetables -- zucchini and all types of squash are my favorites right now


I no longer feel the need to constantly snack


I'm no longer addicted to an afternoon 2 cups of iced coffee with creamer


I'm reading labels and really knowing what's in my food


I'm learning to cook more and experiment in the kitchen


I'm getting my kids to try more things


I've encouraged at least 2 more people to start their own Whole 30, and some others are considering it


My husband has done this with me and wants to keep going at least another month


I've lost 8 pounds and my clothes fit better.


So there you have it! I have LOVED these 30 days -- I thought it would be so hard but it wasn't -- and I'll be continuing to eat this way for the foreseeable future!

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