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Hey Friends,

I recently got a Paraguard IUD inserted and am about to start my first period in the next week. I've been doing some research (ie- a lot of googling) and a majority of women say that taking Vit E during that week lessens the cramps and bleeding. Has anyone had any personal experience with this? And if so, has anyone found a soy-free Vit E supp that was worth buying? I'm not a huge fan of taking meds or supps, but these cramps are brutal and I don't feel like eating Ibuprofen like candy for a week. I'm welcome to any and all suggestions!!

Thanks for the help!

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I love, love, love my Paraguard IUD, but my cramps definitely did get more intense after I had it inserted in 2010. I manage them by taking a magnesium supplement, too. I've also noticed they are not nearly as intense when I am exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. But, what probably had the biggest and best effect on them was doing a Whole 30. So shoot, you got this.


Also, I think the first few periods with it were the worst. It really does need a few cycles to settle.

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