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Steenie's First Whole 30 Food Log


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First, why I'm doing this...

-To have a structured plan that requires me to eat lots of vegetables! I love vegetables but it's so easy to be lazy about them.

- Autoimmune concerns- my mom has Crohn's, my sister has thyroid issues, I have been having foot pain from running, and I want to see what cutting out inflammatory foods does for me.  Arthritis runs in my family too.  

- Cancer concerns- my father in law recently passed away from melanoma, and at 38, I've already had 3 Moh's surgeries to take basal and squamous carcinomas off my face. I know diet can't prevent cancer, but I know that diet does affect our cells. The book "Anti Cancer A Way of Life" recommends organic meat and veggies, and very little processed food, and that's basically the Whole 30, so...

- I'm a busy working mom who is very dedicated to my two small children and my teaching career, as well as aiming to do a couple triathlons next summer.  To do a good job on all this, I don't have room for the several times weekly glass of wine that I've been struggling to cut out.  I see myself ordering wine to relieve stress and I don't like that, nor do I have any extra energy for the energy that wine saps up.  I like the balance of the principles of the Whole 9.  

- I also think if I can eat more healthily, I can drop the last of my post-baby weight. My daughter is 21 months and I am still 14 or 15 pounds from what I was before I had her. None of my clothes fit, plus I think dropping that weight will make running easier on my joints. My back and my feet bother me a lot.  


The log!


Day 1

Breakfast- 2 eggs with beef and green peppers and onions, side of tomatoes and avocado with lime.


Lunch- Paleo tacos- beef, tomatoes, avocado wrapped in romaine.  Strawberries and grapes.

Dinner- (overly) brined chicken, sweet potatoes with onions, spinach and raisins, cauliflower rice. Both the chicken and the cauli-rice were from Well Fed and I clearly messed up both. I may have put too much riced cauliflower in the pan.  The husband was disgusted by all the food and made himself eggs with a micowaved sausage.  The boy also ate nothing.  The girl ate some of the chicken and refused all the veggies.  Not the best dinner, but hey, I tried!  The sweet potatoes, from Practical Paleo, were delicious.  

Movie night snack: a banana with a couple strawberries.  That might not be so Whole 30, to eat “dessert†like that, but with everyone around me eating M and Ms, I'll proudly eat a banana.  

Day 2

Black coffee, then a morning walk/jog while the 4 year old rode his bike with me.  Day 3 of Week 1 of Couch to 5 K, which I'm doing since I took so much time off with a hurt foot.  Might as well start running again very slowly to make sure the foot is ok.  

Breakfast- 2 eggs with beef, spinach, and leftover sweet potatoes and spinach.  

Batch cooking: have some chocolate chili currently simmering on the stove with sweet potatoes and carrots added.  That'll be lunch for the next couple days, along with spinach or some other green veggie, and I'll freeze the rest.


For dinner the husband is making his version of the Thanksgiving meatballs from Practical Paleo, with zucchini noodles for me and spaghetti for anyone who won't eat the zucchini noodles. I need to figure out the sauce though as I'm not sure any of the jarred stuff we have is Whole 30 compliant.

Back to work tomorrow- I'll bring chili for lunch, then shop at Whole Foods after work for some good ground beef and chicken to use during the week.  I already have a decent amount of veggies, I think.  I can see that meal planning is the only way to succeed at Whole 30!

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Dianne, I also had to search around a whole bunch to figure it out! For some reason I didn't see it at the top right (which I see plain as day now), but I found it at the bottom of the page.  Just like Roz said, you have to be in the "Your Whole30 Log" section under the Community section.  


Sheba, the cauliflower rice went ok the next day with my chocolate chili. I had no other handy veggie to take to work, so I brought the cauliflower rice, and it was a good counterpart to all that beef!  Nice hearty meal.  


Ok, my log...


Whee, starting day 4!  (Fireworks, cheers!)


Very proud of myself for eating well when out and when others around me are eating junk.  I mean for goodness' sake, the husband came home on Sunday with a chocolate cake!  It's a good thing I am so fond of veggies. I always have strawberries in the house to satisfy any sweet cravings, although I'm finding I don't need them as I am eating such satisfying meals of meat, veggies, and healthy fats.  Now I just eat fruit to make sure I am getting a variety of nutrients. 


Day 2 dinner:


Husband made meatballs from Practical Paleo. He doesn't like to add the veggies and stuff that I love, so they were a little dry, but not bad.  I had a side of sautéed onion and green peppers. I could have used another veggie, but when my husband cooks it way too easy for me to not force him to make 2 veggies for me, which I think is important for variety AND for leftovers!  ***Note to self to push him a little on that. 


Day 3:


Breakfast, 715am:

Unfrozen crustless quiche from Practical Paleo.  It defrosted very well in the microwave and 1/6 of an 8 x 11 Pyrex pan was a satisfying breakfast!  I can definitely see myself making that every weekend with different addins (this weekend it was hamburger with cumin and, shredded carrot and… maybe spinach?

I also had a cup of black coffee that I didn't even end up finishing until 3pm. 


Lunch, 11am:

Chocolate chili with leftover cauliflower rice. Absolutely delicious.  I felt like I ate too big of a portion, but I was very hungry by 6pm, so it was probably about right. I should have added an avocado but didn't think.  Side of a few strawberries.


Random snack, 4pm: 

Peach. I wasn't that hungry but it was in my lunch bag and I did not want to waste an organic peach from Whole Foods by forgetting about it. 


Dinner, 7ish:

We ended up going out to dinner even though the husband had gotten taco stuff (and got Boston lettuce to be “shells†for me).  Just as he got home with the food, I made a last minute decision that we HAD to go to the mall and buy the little one new shoes.  Her summer shoes were worn out and stinky and I couldn't let her go to daycare another day in sub par shoes!  Rather than take the time to cook and then come home to a bunch of dirty dishes, we went to a burger place by the mall that I knew uses good meat.  I got a Cobb salad with natural chicken, no cheese, and oil and vinegar on the side, to be sure I got plenty of veggies and fat. We got home from dinner and shoe shopping then did bedtime as it was already 8pm.  Fell asleep putting the older one to bed around 9:30. 


Dinner was a little late, which is usually not such a good thing as I'd be starving, so tonight I'll make sure I don't stay at work as late so I can focus on dinner prep.  My husband is so wonderful and will cook, but when I take a little more control in the kitchen, we eat better. 



--I feel calm and good. 

--It's been interesting to see my reactions to foods. When my husband had potato chips on his lunch plate, my mouth totally watered!  That was at home, and I'd yet to prepare my lunch. It was really hard not to just grab a chip.  When I have my food in front of me though, it's easier to not worry about what other foods are around. Someone on these forums said “crowd out the bad food with good†and I think that's true.  I think “crowd out the bad with good†is a good life philosophy overall. Crowd out the bad thoughts, crowd out the bad people, with good. 

--I wish I were exercising a little more. I'll jog today, but I haven't ridden my bike or swam.  The bike, I just haven't been in the mood for with the heat.  Swimming, I'm waiting for my shoulder to feel better and do a little strength training on my shoulder before I get into the repetitive motion of swimming.  No sense in getting irritation from inflammation in such as essential joint.  I know I feel SO much better when I sweat and use my body, so I am looking forward to LEAVING WORK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TODAY so I can jog and also focus on dinner.  Steenie, do NOT stay late!  I'm happy I like my job but I have got to balance it with everything else.  I wish I had ten more hours in my day.  That would be awesome.  THEN I could do it all! 


Today's plan, Day 4:

Defrost eggs for breakfast. Try not to eat in car but leave enough time to sit down at home.

Lunch: leftover meatballs with Sunshine sauce from Well Fed, side of steamed broccoli (just tossed it in the steamer now!), half an avocado, a plum… that's all I can scrounge from the fridge. I'll grocery shop after work, reminding self, LEAVE WORK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!  I'm going to set an alarm on my phone- a really loud one!- to remind myself. Also I should bring my running clothes to work so I can run then go to grocery without going home.  OK, must go grab those before I wake the kids in like, 2 minutes.  

Dinner: tacos or maybe switch to Bolognese with zoodles, although maybe I'll do that for lunch tomorrow since I have Thursday off.  Really excited to be making this way of eating work with work! 

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Day 4 went well. 


the crustless quiche, defrosted in the microwave, was yummy and satisfying (probably because there was cumin-spiced hamburger in it).  A cup of black coffee.

Lunch: leftover meatballs, steamed broccoli with some avocado smushed in. I packed fruit, but I don't think I really need it. I ate it at an afternoon meeting but I don't think I was actually hungry.

After work, walk/jogged for 2.5 miles, 36 minutes. Felt ok, feet a little creaky.

Dinner: had to defrost some chili to have with our tacos since husband made the meat with the pre packed flavoring that has corn flour in it (among many other things not allowed on Whole 30). My fault, I forgot to tell him, and he took charge of dinner.  That was a mistake in planning on my part.  Tomorrow I HAVE to go to the grocery store and stock up on the food I'll need for the next 3 or 4 days.  Oh geez that means I need to meal plan, the bane of my existence. My husband is the anti-meal planner, so it's a real struggle for me since he balks at planning food more than oh, two hours ahead of time. Excuses, excuses, gotta get over it!



To use up in fridge: 

squash and red pepper.  a head of broccoli, some carrots.


Thursday plan:

Um... yeah. I feel pretty stuck. I don't want to eat all the frozen food I made last weekend, since I'm not working tomorrow... but... I think ti's most efficient to do that, probably.  

So.  Fine. 


Breakfast: defrosted crustless quiche.  Maybe I'll steam the rest of that broccoli and smush 1/2 an avocado in it.    

Lunch: Defrosted (sigh) chili with squash and 1/2 avocado.

Dinner: Have a potluck with friends and I'm making roasted carrots.  

At grocery, I'll buy stuff for chicken sausage and zoodles for dinner Friday. 

Well, my copy of Well Fed and Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italy just arrived in the mail today so I think I need to look through those for some ideas for my next several days, and then start looking ahead to next work week.  Plan, plan, plan.  


Other notes:

--I am feeling great about how calm and attentive I've been all week, to people at work and to my husband and children at home.  

--I've been drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, then taking another cup with me in my to go mug, that I drink in the afternoon cold. Sort of random, but I wanted to cut out my afternoon coffee- that failed- I can't deal with headaches AND trying to do Whole30- I tried, but I was so very crabby yesterday.  So, I've at least cut out the step where I walk to the coffeemaker at work. I found that really cut into the work I could get done, because I'd run into people in the hallways.  So, I still have my two cups a day- which I'd like to eventually cut to just one- but it's not as much of an interrupter.  

--What's weird about the Whole30, for me so far, is the more I plan my food, the less I have to really THINK about it.  It's planned, so I can't think about, "oh, what treat do I want tonight?" or, "oh gosh should I really eat those cookies so and so baked this weekend and brought in to work?"  You'd think this would make you obsess over food, but I'm finding the opposite. The more I think of food as just something else to plan, the less power it has.  Of course food should also be about enjoyment, but it shouldn't ONLY be about enjoyment. It also needs to be about health and balance.  


OK, off to read my new cookbooks! I also got a hard copy of ISWF, which I'd only read on my Kindle, and I actually never got to the appendix that has the meal planning template ("Meal Map"), and um, that might be useful.  :)

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Day 5:

Well that was a busy day- plans got changed because of a sick kid but I still managed to stay on track with food. Had the day off work and used the time to meal plan plus prep from the mothers' group I led this evening.

Breakfast: same old defrosted crustless quiche.

Lunch: same old defrosted chocolate chili, but I added a sauteed red pepper, thinly sliceed, and that really changed it up.  So good. I also added half an avocado. Also steamed some broccoli and choked that down. I don't think I will be eating any more steamed broccoli any time soon. 

Sick baby awake, I'll finish later. 

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Thanks Amberino!  She is in a pretty good mood despite the fever, so we will head out to Whole Foods in a bit to buy the fish sauce and curry sauce for Nom Nom Paleo's slow cooker curry beef that I want to try this weekend!  I LOVE batch cooking and freezing it for my work lunches during the week.  I'm home from work to stay with the baby and her big bro is at school so I'm going to take advantage of this extra chunk of time to work on meal planning and food prep.


I do like broccoli roasted (with garlic, SO good!) so I'll keep it mind another easy veggie side.  Steamed is so much faster which is such a big advantage, but if it's making me sick of it, definitely time to switch things up!  

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Day 5 Wrap Up:

I was supposed to take both kids to a friend's house for a potluck dinner, but because of sick baby, I had to stay home and wait for the husband to get home from work so he could stay with the kids while I caught the tail end of the dinner.  The dinner was actually a working dinner while we were meeting to go over administrative details for our mothers group, before our group meeting that I was running at 7, so I didn't want to miss it!  


I THOUGHT about going off plan.  The husband was picking up our FAVORITE, thin crust pizza, and I had no other food in the house. I wasn't sure he was going to get home in time for me to go to the dinner, which would have meant I had no other dinner option since I was planning on the potluck. I could have defrosted my chili, I guess, but I found myself thinking, as I was waiting for him to get home, what's the big deal if I eat some pizza?  It's just one meal off plan!  I was picturing what that would feel like.  Instead I went inside and ate some of the carrots I'd made for the potluck, waited for the husband to get home with the pizza, got the kids to the table, and I zipped out the door to my meeting where I ate well.  That was a close one. I can REALLY see- I have said this in like every post- PLANNING, and having healthy food around, is the key to sticking on plan, at least for me.  


I was up late getting sub plans ready since I had to stay home to care for baby girl (well, she's 21 months!), so wasn't to sleep til close to midnight, but the whole family slept in til 8 or so, so despite several wake ups by the girl, I feel good today.  And now it's day 6!

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Day 6, so far: 

Breakfast- shocker- defrosted crustless quiche and a cup of black coffee. Good enough for me!

Lunch- another shocker- defrosted chocolate chili with avocado (SO GOOD!!!) with leftover candied carrots (from Practical Paleo).


Spent the whole morning finalizing meal plan and browsing Nom Nom Paleo's incredible iPad app. This weekend I'll try her Slow Cooker Curry Beef but I'm using chicken thighs, bone-in, because I've basically only eaten beef since I started my Whole20! The baby and I are going to head to the grocery soon.


Here is the meal plan: 

(oh shoot I need to figure out how to add a picture. Hold please.)

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Day 6 wrap up:


Bilinski's chicken sausage sautéed with green pepper and onion, zoodles with Rao's sauce. Fabulous!

Husband pitched a big anti-Paleo fit before dinner but I stayed calm and stuck to the theme of compromise. And actually, he ended up making our very Paleo dinner.

Day 7:

Breakfast: leftover sausage sautéed with kale and spinach, with three scrambled eggs shared with the baby. Cup of black coffee. Handful of strawberries and blueberries.

The baby slept terribly, so I am trying to catch a nap with her right now, even though it is only 930 in the morning.

My plan today is to make slow cooker Thai curry chicken stew inspired by NOM NOM Paleo as usual. My sister is coming over later, and she is getting interested in Paleo as well, so we are going to look at each other's cookbooks and have a big Paleo fest. For dinner, we will do hamburgers, kale chips, maybe some cauliflower fauxpotatoes, and maybe a little something else.

Lunch today, not sure, maybe I will sauté up part of the other package of chicken sausage that I got, that way my sister can have a sampling when she comes over.

I did a big whole foods shopping trip yesterday, I was actually really surprised at how cheap it was to get grass fed beef, chicken sausage, chicken thighs, red boat fish sauce, and a bunch of vegetables and fruits. +2 bottles of good tomato sauce and another jar of coconut oil! I only made one impulse purchase, which was a cute placemat for each of my kids.

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If your sister decided to go forward with it... Set up a joint cooking day. i did this with my brother and it was brilliant.

We each planned 3 meals brought all the needed ingredients enough to serve both families and cooked all day. We then divided up the food. I went home with 6 already cooked meals ready to reheat for the week!

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Love that idea, Sheba-Kitty!  It was already SO much more fun to have her here cooking with me and my husband today.  Not just because she entertained the 1 year old, but because it was nice to have someone else as interested in the butternut squash mash as I was :)  


Is your brother still Paleo? Kind of makes sense for family members to do this type of diet change together since often people change their diets to deal with oh, say, autoimmune issues, which is what my family has.  Me not so much, but my mother and sister have quite a bit of thyroid and digestive issues, and I was wondering if I'd feel better (less random joint pain, less seasonal allergies) if I cut out some foods associated with inflammation.  


We had a delicious dinner tonight, leading me to...


Wrap up Day 7!



Husband sauteed up the other package of chicken sausage along with a red and green pepper and some onions. Had that with a side of sauteed spinach.  Cut up a bowl of strawberries and blueberries that I thought I'd be sharing with my kids, but they both rejected it, as they have pretty much rejected every single thing I've made this week.  Oh well.  


Most importantly: caught a nap when the baby napped. I was so crabby. I need extra patience right now since the baby is still under the weather and clingy.  Very clingy.  I'm feeling very "touched out," as they say.  



Tried kale chips, recipe from Practical Paleo- I think we overcooked them because they tasted bitter, like broccoli!  

Grass-fed burger (husband added Montreal steak spice, SO good), more zoodles with Rao's sauce, and mashed butternut squash based on this recipe:


but we used ghee instead of butter and no garlic, as I couldn't quite picture adding raw garlic. I just handmashed it, didn't get out hand mixer. Should have drained the squash better as it was a tad liquidy but still so tasty. What's awesome is that we have leftover burger, steak (not grass-fed), and squash so I've got at least part of my lunch for tomorrow.  Probably sautee spinach with garlic.  I knew I should have gotten the bigger spinach.  


Took a leisurely 30 min walk after dinner with sister and kids, then had a few strawberries and blueberries and a pluot (hybrid of plum and apricot, I guess- it was ok).  

Before my nap I took the crabby baby with me to the store to buy an immersion blender so I can make mayo easily- I'll probably try that tomorrow for fun- and we got the 500ml (pint) wide-mouth mason jars to try making the mayo in.  


Tomorrow I'll make Nom Nom Paleo's Slow Cooker Thai Curry Beef (chicken instead), just for my lunches during the work week, since my husband hates all spicy food and I am BONKERS for spicy food.  I'll freeze some portions, too, obviously!  Love frozen meals.  


I'll also make crustless quiche tomorrow so I can have healthy and quick breakfasts during the work week. 


No clue what we are having for dinner tomorrow though, or any night next week (which is going to be a very busy work week), so I know I need to get some meal ideas in order, and ones that the (picky, spice and vegetable-hating husband) will not pitch too big of a fit over.  


It's actually very funny, ever since we met, food has been pretty much our biggest area of conflict!  I guess that's not the worst area of conflict to have, but it is frustrating for every single evening to be a battle of whether dinner is healthy enough (my desire) and palatable to him (his desire for not spicy food, which I understand, as he has reflux issues).  Compromise, compromise...


Of course, the baby is awake again, crying for me. Sigh. 

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Love that idea, Sheba-Kitty!  It was already SO much more fun to have her here cooking with me and my husband today.  Not just because she entertained the 1 year old, but because it was nice to have someone else as interested in the butternut squash mash as I was :)  


Is your brother still Paleo? Kind of makes sense for family members to do this type of diet change together since often people change their diets to deal with oh, say, autoimmune issues, which is what my family has.  Me not so much, but my mother and sister have quite a bit of thyroid and digestive issues, and I was wondering if I'd feel better (less random joint pain, less seasonal allergies)

My brother, along with my whole family, was over weight. (The rest of us still are) I think about 10 years ago now he worked really hard (massive calorie restriction and massive exercise) and lost 80+ pounds. And he became an ironman triathlete. But still had digestive issues and congestion, bad sleep etc. so he dropped gluten and dairy mostly from his diet. That made some good improvements. Then he did his first whole 30 this past January. He is doing another one right now and going until his ironman this month so his will be a whole60. And his wife joined for 30 days. So their kids pretty much did too. His main goal was to turn his body into a fat burning machine to help with his long distant events. He does 50m running trail races, 200+ bike rides in a single day and other insane endurance sports.

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This is my "majorly craving wine" time of evening- at dinner when the kids are being demanding and I just want to relax.  It's funny how much I like white wine. I wish it had NO repercussions, but it does- being less present for my kids and not as sharp the next day. Too bad.  

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When I got the evening wine cravings my brother's best advice was to do something completely different than your usual pattern. For example, evening after dinner sitting and watching TV while drinking wine was my habit. So when the craving started I dusted off my Wii and did 20 mins of aerobic game playing. By the timemy old batteries died, my cravings were gone and I got a little workout!

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Such a good idea- plus it's an endorphin boost.  We ended up playing in the driveway with the kids. I was still crabby, and still wished I had a glass of white wine in my hand, and was thinking about how crazy it is to need a mood boost from alcohol, and to think of how hard it must be for people who can't control that urge or who need that mood boost more than me.  I guess I'm saying, I'm glad I can talk myself out of the urge and recognize it for what it is.  


I liked the idea you put on your Whole30 log, about getting a nice bottle of wine and limiting yourself to one glass at the table. I'll try that with you at some point (virtually, of course) :) . I think it's tricky though because one glass of wine will take away some of the ability to stick to one glass, but... it's worth a try.  Limits are good, and if you can impose a limit on yourself and still enjoy the wine, that would be great.  


I always say, "I love wine,"and it's true, I do, I just can't do everything else I want to do in my week (attention to kids, sleep well, have energy in the morning for work that lasts me through to the time I need to exercise, and then the energy I need to be patient with my kids after a long day of work, and the energy to keep my mood high...).  It's a bummer for sure.  It's so nice to lose yourself in the wine, and it's interesting to want to do so... that's what interests me, I think- the lure of wine.  Why do we need to escape?  I am sure it's normal, but some people don't drink at all!  

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Day 8: 

Breakfast: leftover hamburger and steak, butternut squash, and maybe something else. I forget.

Lunch: leftover hamburger and steak, butternut squash, and sauteed zucchini (while the family ate bagels and cream cheese).

Prepped my potatoes and carrots for the Thai Curry Chicken I put in the slow cooker. Like an hour later, finally got it started amidst being harassed by both children.

Took baby to doctor to see if she had hand foot and mouth disease (coxsackie)- good news, viral illness is over and she can go to daycare and I can go to work tomorrow.

Dinner: husband picked up food from a relatively healthy place. Once again leaving dinner decisions off til too late ended up not making our own food. I was out til past 5 with the baby at the doctor.  I ate spicy pork chop balsamic (from the restaurant) with homemade warmed up butternut squash that i'd made the night before.  There may have something noncompliant in there but I don't think it was bad at all.   


Thai Curry has a little less than an hour more in the slow cooker.  

I have NOT done my meal plan for the week.  I'll work on it. Baby is still crabby so I need to attend to her. I'm listening to her cry for me in the living room with the husband while I take a few minutes to myself to log this. I'm feeling really... worn out by all the demands of, well, mostly the sick kid.  


I did get out for a 40 minute walk-run today, albeit with the baby in the jogging stroller. It's so much easier to run without a stroller but she was pretty happy on the ride, so it was ok having her along.   


I'm in a bad mood, I think because I've gotten such poor sleep the past few nights with the restless baby, and it's not helping that the husband is making chocolate chip cookies right now. I am going to stay strong though.  


I didn't get to make my crustless quiche this weekend.  I wonder if I can get the baby to sleep for a bit and do it tonight, or do it tomorrow after work before I pick her up.  We shall see!  I feel good that I have plenty of lunch for the week, at least!  And I can always fry a few eggs for breakfast with some spinach, so I'm feeling alright about the week to come.  I do need to refill the fridge, even though I just shopped on Friday. It's amazing how fast the food goes!


I have to admit I stepped on the scale several times this week. I told myself that since I wasn't doing this to lose weight, but more to cut my too frequent wine drinking and junk food eating and see if I felt better, it was OK to weigh myself.  I lost what I expected so it didn't do much for my psyche other than to confirm that this isn't a miracle weight loss diet, nor should it be... but I know the program says not to weigh yourself. 


I think I'll go hide the scale in the closet so I won't be tempted again. Let's see if I can get through the next 3 weeks without the scale. To focus only on health.   

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Hi!  Im on day 8 today.  How did the curry turn out? 

I always look at NomNom's recipes but have yet to make one! 

Keep up the great work!!


I struggle with the scale.  It stares at me daily when I get out of the shower.  I have been super tempted the past few days.



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